Friday, July 5th, 2019

Paul’s now in Chelsea’s suite – I’m sorry for your loss. Nick’s curious as to why Calvin’s death is a police matter – something we should know? Because it’s in a hotel room Paul must ask Chelsea some questions. As Adam eavesdrops outside the door, she describes awakening to find Calvin dead beside her in bed. She has no idea what made her wake up. Nick invites Chelsea to stay at his place – she appreciates that.

Nick carries Chelsea’s bag into the hallway – where they encounter Adam (who wants her to come back to the penthouse) Declining, the pair go to get some air. Phyllis appears to warn Adam – take one step and it’ll be the biggest mistake of your life.

You just can’t tear yourself away, can you? Phyllis taunts Adam. Sure, Chelsea might be in shock – but she had the presence of mind to call Nick. Adam has two choices – follow Chelsea and smother her with attention or give her some space. Have a good run, Adam ends the conversation and marches off.

Ana’s summoned Nate over to confide that Devon’s hired a mentor for her. I need your help.

At CL’s, Theo joins Summer (who knew he was back because she saw him with Ana at Society last night) He wonders if her questions are about his workload or about ‘us’.

Offered a guest room, Chelsea doesn’t want to sleep or be alone. How can Calvin be gone – just like that? Same thing happened to Neil, Nick’s news brings more tears. You will get through this, Nick reassures – I’m here; whatever you need.

When Adam barges in, Nick snarls – she doesn’t want to see you. Chelsea OK with it so Nick goes upstairs to be with Christian. That leaves Adam to offer his support and make his pitch. This changes everything for us. We can be the way we were meant to be.

What kind of guy do you think I am? Theo protests. The kinda guy who crashes parties and breaks hearts, Summer replies – and blows people off. She doesn’t blame him for not calling her after all that whining about her ex. And we’re not exclusive, she adds. Summer’s done. Done With me? Theo’s alarmed – then pleased to hear she’s done talking about Kyle and will now look forward. To surviving, thriving and moving on, Theo raises his coffee mug. One more thing – Summer’s sorry for the way their last date ended. Why are you being so nice to me? Theo likes Summer (and recites a list why) He’d like to keep this thing going since he’ll be spending more time in GC. They clink coffee mugs – to the future.

Theo seems nice but Ana wants to learn from the best, and that’s Devon; not some middleman. No matter how much she accomplishes, Devon will always see her as his kid sister. So, my job is to get rid of the mentor, Nate assumes. Neil gave you a seat on the board of Hamilton Winters to balance out Devon; give him perspective. And that’s the Nate Ana needs right now. Nate has another idea – see how things develop, make a solid effort. Give Devon a chance to come around. In the meantime, focus on your personal life too. Everything might pan out. Believe in yourself and your brother, Nate advises.

My husband died a few hours ago and you’re already trying to rekindle our relationship!? Adam wants to be the one to help Chelsea through this. You didn’t love Calvin as you loved me – tell me I’m wrong. We’ve been given this gift; a second chance. Calvin’s death is not a gift, Chelsea points out. Adam reminisces about happier times – that kind of love doesn’t go away. Adam wants to be a family with Chelsea and Connor with all his heart.

Updated on Theo’s great trip to Austin, Summer agrees to go with him next time. No, she doesn’t mind if Ana joins them. When Summer goes to order Ana a coffee, Theo has an idea; Jett recording with LP’s hip hop acts – a crossover hit; millenniums and Gen X-ers. When Ana nixes the idea, Theo reminds that she was willing to give their collaboration a try last night.

Chelsea can still see the look on Adam’s face when he kissed her and said ‘I’ll see you soon’. But that woman who loved you so much doesn’t exist anymore. You can help me be that person again, Adam persists. Chelsea disagrees – the Adam she loved had made peace with his family. All you’ve done since getting this incredible second chance is to attack and manipulate. These people gave you your life again and you’ve made their lives hell. You want to take Christian – and Connor. She knows about Adam’s conversation with Calvin (which she sees as a stab in the back)