Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

At CL’s, Nick and Chelsea discuss their trip to Connor’s summer camp. He’s going to be OK despite all the loss and upheaval in his life, Chelsea feels it’s best he stay busy and preoccupied at camp (though it’s hard for her not to be with him) Nick agrees it’s best Connor’s not in GC (in close proximity to Adam) Chelsea appreciates Nick taking her to break the news to her son. You mean OUR son, Adam appears.

At Society, Vikki’s happy that Nick gave her a tip on the Baxley deal; a possible weakness in Dark Horse that she can exploit. Her staff’s working on it so she can make a move asap. Billy’s happy to see Vikki so pumped and ready to take down Adam. When Jill appears to whine about not being invited to their recommitment ceremony, Vikki escapes to make a call. Jill takes her seat to gripe some more to Billy (who didn’t want her to feel obligated to come back from China) Accepting his apology, Jill has another issue – an unpleasant surprise when she dropped her bags off at the Chancellor house. What the hell’s going on there?

Excellent work – you and Matt will both get a bonus, Vikki ends her call with ‘keep digging – bring me all the ammo you can’ ~click~ Victor appears to ask what she’s working on at NE. A special acquisition – Vikki’s going to yank Dark Horse away from Adam. My brother will never know what hit him.

Tessa at her side, Mariah’s at Society to pitch her idea to Lola; posting videos of her cooking her Mom’s recipes that will lead to Lola cookbooks, Lola catered cruises, Lola branded meals in grocery stores – and a TV show starring the master herself. Whaddaya think? That’s not me, Lola protests. Tessa felt the same way – but Mariah has great instincts. I work behind the scenes, alone, Lola is a private person. Mariah reminds how amazing she was when interviewed for GC Buzz. Lola reminds that she works for Abby. She’s onboard, Mariah already ran it by her. Tessa encourages – keep building on your success. This could take you to the next level, Mariah finally wins Lola over – leave it all to me.

Back at CL’s, Adam’s not happy that Chelsea chose to break the news to Connor with his brother instead of him (Connor’s Father) It’s not a contest, Chelsea scowls. She can’t trust you, no one can, Nick defends Chelsea’s decision. Adam’s just glad that Chelsea was able to comfort Connor after the loss of his stepfather – nothing else matters.

Still at Society, Victor praises Vikki for her bold move. Initially, he was furious when Nick created a real estate company in Dark Horse but then he was ‘rather proud’. Adam stealing the company and letting Phyllis run it is a travesty. When going against Adam, do it with guns blazing in order to win, he advises.

Back at the table, Jill expresses her displeasure with the state of the house – no Ester and take-out containers/empty pizza boxes everywhere. Billy sees no reason to panic – the resident slob is Kevin. Ester went to visit Bella. Something’s not right, Jill has a feeling.

Jack comes out of his Mother’s room to tell Mallory that she’s having a bad day. How’s your Dad? Biting her lip, Mallory shakes her head and holds back tears. Oh dear God, Jack hugs her.