Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle lights candles and sends Lola a text. She’s on her way. Theo calls with a new plan for the night. Our old friend Don Don is jetting in with his crew from New York. Grab Lola and get back here. They’re only here for one night. Declining the invite, Kyle hangs up and lets Lola in. They have the place to themselves to make up for lost time ~kiss~

At CL’s with Rey, Nick wants to hear everything that happened in Vegas. First, is Sharon OK? She didn’t sound right on the phone. Rey confides that Sharon can’t get Adam off her mind.

If this is hitting too close to home, Nick can hire someone else to investigate Adam. No way Rey’s walking away from this now (even if he wasn’t being paid) He can’t let Adam get his hooks any deeper into Sharon. Plus, he found something. Adam failed to tell anyone that he was hanging out with someone else from GC – Phillip Chancellor IV. Chance? Are you sure? Nick finds that hard to believe – Chance was a great guy. Maybe he’s changed – Chance was busted for assault, Rey adds – Adam bailed him out. Where is Chance now? He fell off the grid when people came asking about Spider.

Alone and impatient at Nick’s, Chelsea looks up ‘inconclusive autopsy’ online.

Enjoying the silence, Kyle and Lola briefly discuss her Mother, then decide to take advantage of having the house to themselves. Their kiss is interrupted by pounding on the door. Theo leads a group of party-goers in; Don Don at the end of the line. Second last; Summer arrives to chirp ‘don’t start the party without me’. Lola looks as thrilled as Kyle.

Just give me a few minutes and I’ll kick everyone out, Kyle shouts over the music at Lola. She’s fine with parties (no shots though thanks) Pleased, Theo takes all the blame then introduces Don Don (who’s been dying to meet the woman who bagged Kyle Abbott) Hearing that Lola’s a chef, Don Don informs that he owns a restaurant – a gastro kinda thing. Huh, Lola’s not sure what that is. Who’s down for skinny dipping? Summer’s shout out results in clothes rapidly coming off. Kyle and Lola look displeased.

Nick stops by the Chancellor Estate to ask Jill some questions about Chance – he might be my best shot at stopping Adam from stealing my son.

As the partiers dance around in towels, a tired Lola pulls Kyle aside to say that she’s going home. Stay – enjoy yourself – I love you, she exits. Where’s she going? Theo asks. This isn’t exactly Lola’s scene, Kyle admits. When Theo ‘cranks it up a notch’, things start getting broken. Party’s over, Kyle abruptly shoos them out. Straggling behind with Theo, Summer’s sure Lola left because of her. Kyle’s just calling it a night. You’re turning into your grandfather, Summer taunts. Kissing Theo, she asks him to take her somewhere more fun than this stuffy library. Get out, Kyle shoves Theo to the door.

Kyle sends Lola a text wanting to make it up to her by picking up where they left off. Lola’s already in her PJ’s and about to sleep. Guess I’ll go to bed too, Kyle says – then knocks on the door. Get in here, Lola pulls him in for a kiss.

Nick is Christian’s Father in every way but one. He can’t let Adam take his son. Jill agrees – Adam’s a snake but what does this have to do with Chance? Nick’s had Adam investigated. Turns out he and Chance were friends in Vegas. No way – my grandson would never hang out with the likes of Adam; Chance is honest and decent. But no, he hasn’t been in touch with Phillip or Nina after quitting the defense department but it’s not out of character for Chance to be out of touch – he likes to travel and was incommunicado when hiking the Himilyans with his Father last year. Jill can’t believe that Chance has been in Vegas for a year – it makes no sense.

Realizing he has nothing in common with his old friends, Kyle pauses to worry if he’s turning into an old fuddy-duddy. Lola just sees her devastatingly hot fiance. Their kiss is once again interrupted by a knock at the door. Lola? Can we talk? Celeste calls through the door.

Go hide in the bathtub, Lola hisses at Kyle then tells her Mom to hang on – I was asleep. This is not my proudest moment, Kyle sneaks off with his bag and clothes. Lola opens the door to say that she’s really tired – we can clear the air tomorrow. I love you. I love you too. Good night, Kyle, Celeste calls out. Goodnight Celeste, a sheepish Kyle replies. Both he and Lola are left laughing.

Jill leaves Chance a message – call me right away and let me know you’re alright. Don’t look at me like that you old bat, she growls at Kay’s portrait. I will not fail my grandson.

Glad Nick’s back, Chelsea panics – what if Calvin didn’t die of natural causes? It’s OK, Nick told Paul that if it was foul play, he should go to Adam. Knowing how much Calvin loved Connor, Chelsea’s sure Adam somehow pressured him to suddenly want to give the boy up. Or maybe even the stress of that caused Calvin to have a stroke. Chelsea blames herself – this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t come back to GC. Just lean on me, Nick hugs her.