Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

At Society, Lol updates Kyle that she’s only received one passive-aggressive email from her Mom (who she loves but can’t share a small apartment with) Yes, Kyle can move back in. ‘Back in’? Theo appears to ask if there’s trouble in paradise. No – but after Lola gives Kyle a kiss and returns to the kitchen, Theo chides his old pal – you’re not even married yet and your Mother in law’s already calling the shots.

Delighted when Rey stops by her suite at the club, Celeste whines about being kicked out of Lola’s for making a few tiny suggestions. Rey’s diplomatic in pointing out that Lola’s a grown, capable woman and scoffs when Celeste comments on HER being the stubborn one.

Paul’s back at Nick’s to take notes as Chelsea relays her perfectly normal last evening with Calvin. Did he have any enemies? Maybe someone he knew before meeting you? Chelsea knows Calvin did some things he wasn’t proud of – but haven’t we all done things we regret?

Paul can’t say how long the investigation might take – the secondary autopsy results should be in soon. Asked to stay in town, Chelsea wants answers more than anyone. After Nick returns from seeing Paul out, Chelsea frets about him treating her like a suspect (not surprising given her history) That was a different time in your life, Nick reminds Chelsea of her promise – no more running.

Over beers at Society’s bar, Kyle downplays the misunderstanding with Celeste. Regardless, Lola’s worth the trouble. You felt the same about Summer, Theo reminds – and that girl at the Met and klepto Katie who stole both our watches in the Hamptons. Kyle’s no longer a party animal but denies he’s old and boring. He’s not married yet but won’t be baited into any crazy shenanigans. Returning to serve appetizers ‘on the house’ Lola decides she’s better off not knowing what the boys are talking about. With a kiss and plans to go for a jacuzzi at the Abbott house later, Lola leaves Kyle to tell his teasing friend not to write him off just yet.

Back in her suite, Celeste looks forward to meeting the girlfriend Rey lost his job over. That wasn’t Sharon’s fault – in fact, she quit her job in solidarity. Unimpressed, Celeste changes the subject – why hasn’t Rey called to check on Arturo and Mia? We have to pull together as a family for this baby. Rey wishes them the best – Arturo didn’t have much of a role model in our Father. Speaking of…Your Father wants to come to the wedding – and walk Lola down the aisle. Hell no, Rey’s adamant.

Nick’s followed Paul to CL’s to ask if he suspects Chelsea. Paul won’t rule anything out – and Nick tracking him down sends up a red flag. At the mention of Chelsea’s unscrupulous past, Nick thinks it pales in comparison to Adam’s. He had motive – Calvin stood between him and Chelsea/Connor. Paul throws out another theory – Calvin was a wealthy older man. Did he leave Chelsea a lot of money? Nick doesn’t know – what he does know is that Chelsea’s not a killer – she’s not even a grifter anymore. Paul suggests Nick back off – as of now, there’s no reason to believe Calvin didn’t die of natural causes.

Why would Dad think he’d be invited to Lola’s wedding, never mind walking her down the aisle? Rey scowls. It’s custom, Celeste then surprises Rey with the news that she and his Father have been in contact – she sometimes lends him money. Fresh off his own experience, Rey’s quite bitter about his Father’s cheating. Don’t mention this to Lola – all she needs is the Mother who’s always been there for her.