Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Knowing Chelsea wouldn’t feel like going out, Nick’s brought the club to her (a bag of take-out food) The smell, Chelsea unpacks and inhales – brings back so many memories. When Nick suggests she bring Connor for a visit, Chelsea worries how Adam will react. You have a bodyguard on your son, she reminds. We need to raise our boys the way we want, Nick asserts.

‘Helpful citizen’ Adam thanks Paul for fitting him in. Hearing that Calvin’s death is being investigated as a possible homicide, he has relevant information. ‘Interesting’, Paul had another concerned citizen approach him with suspicions that HE might be involved in Mr Boudreau’s death.

At CL’s, Billy gets a text from an unknown number; ‘Worried about Kevin. Please check on him’. Phyllis sashays over – trouble at home? Did you put too much starch in the boss’s pants? Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, Billy exits.

Peering at Mariah’s phone on the CL’s patio, both she and Lola are pleased with the cooking video (thanks to Kyle’s help) Now, it’s ready for release. No, you can’t, Lola blurts out.

Cricket – so great to see you, Phyllis lies. Just kidding – she’d like to buy Chris a cup of coffee to celebrate the end of her sick desire to prosecute innocent people. Taking a pass, Chris isn’t afraid of being poisoned (though it’d be more subtle than running me over with your car) Phyllis is sure Chris resigned because voters no longer buy her ‘good girl’ act. It was a spectacular flameout – Victor taking you out is irony at it’s best. Maybe I’ll throw a party in November, when ‘the bug’ is finally squashed.

Bickering some more, Phyllis (‘the murder suspect’) follows Chris to say that she sucks at her job. You screwed me over to get your convictions (and made everyone in town hate me) Everyone in town hates you because you’re you. Phyllis isn’t the most loathed person in town, the corrupt Chris is. Chris is only sorry she won’t be the one to throw Phyllis in jail the next time she breaks the law. Phyllis considers herself a pillar of respect while Chris wallows in her humiliation. You think teaming up with Adam earns respect? Wow, you really are delusional, Chris scores the last point.

Back on the patio, Lola cites her Mom as the reason Mariah can’t upload the video. Agreeing to wait until after the wedding, Mariah hears that Celeste is being a bit overbearing. Meeting her Mom and Kyle for lunch to smooth things over, Lola wishes she had a way to get Kyle out of it. Time and place? Mariah will concoct an emergency to give Kyle an escape. I owe you one, Lola’s grateful.

Adam’s disappointed – the old Paul wouldn’t believe a con like Chelsea. Chuckling, Paul implies that it wasn’t her. Chelsea was furious with her husband (and me) that night, and Adam has a flashdrive to prove it. The bitch turned on me – why should I be loyal to her?

Chelsea just had to tell Connor that his adoptive Father died. Telling him Adam’s alive would be too much. And there’s no way Adam wouldn’t find out if she brought Connor to GC. Nick agrees and both are concerned by how far Adam might go to get custody of both boys.