Friday, July 12th, 2019

Chelsea pulls away from Nick. What’s wrong? he asks. My husband died – Adam’s threatening to come after Connor – Chelsea’s head is all over the place. Nick’s more concerned with her heart.

Home from soccer camp, Faith’s enjoying junk food with her Mom at CL’s. She can’t wait to see her Dad and Christian later when they meet in the park. Wow, Faith utters then says ‘hi’ to Adam. Welcome home. You too, he replies. Adam heard Sharon was out of town and is glad she’s back.

Lola comes home to find her Mom on the phone – I miss you too baby. Closing the door loudly, she asks who Celeste was talking to. Do you have a boyfriend!?

When Rey drops by the house, Nick and Chelsea awkwardly disagree on whether ‘it’s a bad time’. Eager to escape, Chelsea tries to leave the men to talk but Rey asks her to stay – it’s about Adam, and it’s not good.

That’s right – Celeste refuses to tell Lola anything about HER personal life but gets to ask everything about Lola’s. You go change and I’ll go grab us something for dinner, Celeste says – then is left to let the smile fade off her face.

Having talked to a buddy at the station, Rey knows that Calvin died of natural causes and that Adam tried to implicate Chelsea. Sonofabitch, Nick mutters. Rey explains that Adam gave Paul a recording of him and Chelsea arguing. You expressed some strong feelings about Calvin wanting to give custody of Connor to Adam. The case is closed so the tape is worthless. Both thanking Rey, Nick walks him out. Suspecting there was trouble in Vegas, Nick hopes Adam doesn’t get in his or Sharon’s head. Keep digging for info on Chance. There’s something to bury my brother – find it. Nick then goes back to fussing over Chelsea.

Faith the ‘realist’ doesn’t believe in happy endings but is happy Adam got his. Sent to get a to-go box for her brownie, Faith tells Adam ‘nice seeing you’. Really? Meh, her shrug says ‘not really’. Now alone with Sharon, Adam stuns her with the news that Chelsea’s back – and staying with Nick. After Adam leaves, Faith wants to talk about how messed up this is. We’ll talk in the car, Sharon hustles her out. Adam reappears to follow.

When Rey drops by, Lola updates that Mom’s moved back in with her and has a boyfriend she won’t talk about – probably because it’s someone we know. Maybe it’s Alberto, the baker – he’d treat Mom like a queen. It’s Dad, Rey delivers the bad news, then some more – he wants to come to the wedding and walk you down the aisle. What!? Lola’s pissed – he walked out on us. That’s not what happened – Mom kicked him out for cheating on her, Rey informs. Now mad that her Mom lied for years, Lola wonders what the hell she’s thinking taking him back.

At the park, Faith’s confused. If we’re early meeting Dad and Christian, why did we rush out of the coffee house? Sharon knew Faith was anxious to see them. Faith knows she’s lying, like she did to Adam. Sharon didn’t lie – she just didn’t tell Adam their plans. It’s none of his business.

Nick thinks that once he tells Sharon all the stuff Adam’s pulled, she might be done with him too. Chelsea’s still worried that Adam wants Connor. He wants YOU – and any decency you once saw in Adam is gone. Chelsea won’t uproot Connor from his home in Baton Rouge and appreciates that Nick won’t pressure her into bringing him to GC ~hug~

Celeste is sorry she took so long getting groceries – she couldn’t find cilantro. On her laptop, Lola’s looking at her Mom’s social media page. She then confronts her; Rey told me you’re seeing Dad. Celeste was looking for a way to tell Lola. How about – I’m seeing your deadbeat Dad? He walked out on us! Your wounds may have healed, mine haven’t. Lola’s lack of relationship experience isn’t the reason she believes that Adrian Rosales is not a good man. He’s not coming to the wedding or walking me down the aisle! Are you in love with him?!

At the park, Faith receives a big hug from her Dad then takes Chrisitan off to the jungle gym. Nick’s left to chat with Sharon. Yes, Chelsea’s back and staying with him. Sharon’s surprised to hear that her husband died – Adam didn’t mention that. Nick bets he didn’t mention that he tried to frame Chelsea for his murder either. When are you going to see Adam for who he is? When will you see Chelsea for who SHE is? Sharon fires back. Chelsea’s moved on and you’ll lose Rey if you don’t do the same, Nick warns. Sharon doesn’t appreciate relationship advice from Nick. Faith returns holding Christian’s hand – can’t we be a normal family for five minutes? Oh look – here’s Adam.

Adam crouches down to Christian’s level – hey buddy, remember me? I was hoping we could spend some more time together. Let’s go get a popsicle. Uncle Adam doesn’t know the rules – no treats before dinner, Nick snarls. Adam scoffs – who needs rules? Christian and Nick were just leaving, Sharon sends Faith with them. Bye Chrisitan – see you soon, Adam calls out. How dare you!? Sharon scowls.

Celeste knows how this looks. It looks like you’ve lost your mind, Lola can’t believe her Mom would go back to her deadbeat husband. Your Dad has made mistakes. Mistakes? Forgetting you have a family is more than a mistake. Lola will never forgive him. Adrian makes me happy, Celeste’s defiant. Lola thinks that pathetic – he left before I was even born. Oh, he’s sorry? That Rey had to raise us? That he broke your heart? Left his family over a meaningless fling?

Hey kiddo, Rey hugs Faith at CL’s. He’s told that her Dad and Christian are outside; Mom’s at the park with Adam. She didn’t seem happy to see him so Faith’s surprised Sharon stayed to talk to him. Did she? Rey’s not impressed.

Back at the park, Sharon blasts Adam for eavesdropping on her and Faith (and using that information to get access to Christian) Adam’s sure his son will be living with him soon – I love him. Don’t do this – Christian will be hurt, and scared. Kids are resilient, Adam claims. He’ll grow up to resent you, Sharon warns. What kind of Father tries to pin a murder on his son’s Mother? You’re a cold-hearted bastard. Guess there’s nothing left to say then, Adam walks off.

Celeste won’t treat Lola like a child – your Father and I will continue to see each other. Fine, but Lola never wants to see him again. This wedding is important to both of us – you’ll regret your Father not being there, Celeste warns.

Rey’s now at the park. Sharon’s sorry for the way she left Vegas. Our problems didn’t start there, Rey points out. Faith told him that she was upset so he came to check on Sharon. He wishes he handled this whole Adam thing better. You were worried about what he was doing to me, Sharon admits Rey was right to be. I don’t know why I kept defending him. Sharon doesn’t want Adam to come between her and Rey (hoping it’s not too late)

Marching into Adam’s penthouse, Chelsea doesn’t need liquid courage – you don’t scare me. Disappointed, Adam pours a drink. You recorded me and tried to set me up for murder! Chelsea rants. You flew off with Nick to see MY son, Adam retorts. Nick didn’t see Connor! The Adam Chelsea knew would never try to set her up for murder. What happened to him? I lost you – I was better with you, Adam whines that he needs that balance back in his life. I can’t do it without you.

Your Dad loves you, Celeste insists – we can’t change the past but we can have a better future. Lola will have the only Father she’s ever known walk her down the aisle, Rey. If her Father shows up at the wedding, she and Kyle will elope.

Nick calls Mike with news that could help his custody case. Adam might be mixed up in something shady with Chance Chancellor. He also tried to frame Chelsea for murder – then accosted me and Christian at the park. Adam has no business raising my son (Nick watches Christian play)

Rey knows Adam got into Sharon’s head but not her heart. He wants to make this work ~kiss~ Let’s go home, they leave the park arm in arm.

Chelsea won’t be blamed for Adam’s actions. She can’t stop him from being a horrible person. You’re too much work. Not like Nick, Adam sneers. This has nothing to do with Nick – the Adam I loved was special; one of a kind, Chelsea tears up – you chose not to be him. That’s on you, not me or Nick. Things could have been so different for us, Adam also tears up. Next time, call or better yet, don’t come. Without further word, Chelsea slams out.