Monday, July 15th, 2019

Delia! Dee – where are you!? Sweetheart, come back to Daddy! Doll in hand, Billy runs around the Chancellor estate. Thankfully, it’s a nightmare. A sweaty Billy awakens on the sofa (at the Abbott mansion)

Rey jogs through the park to meet Nick to update that there’s more news coming in from Vegas. Nick still can’t believe that Chance is connected to Adam. He may have had a good reputation in GC but that’s not the case in Vegas, according to Rey’s intel.

At CL’s, Victor assures Nikki that the side effects of his new treatment are minimal. Noting that he’s not drinking decaf, she knows he hates not being as alert as usual – but how nice that the kids are taking care of things; leaving her to take care of Victor. This time is a gift we should make the most of. Victor gets the feeling she has something on her mind.

At Society, Cane tells Jill about a conference he’s attending in New York (re: his work with released felons) He hopes to spend some time with Charlie. Traci will be there too. Her publishing company is throwing her a party (to which he’s invited because he was the inspiration for novels main character)

The Flynn/Velma connection explained, Jill’s reassured that Cane’s public life isn’t being put on display. The story will inspire anyone who’s had the ground fall out from under them, Jill vows to buy a copy of this book. Cane continues to rave; the book’s funny and romantic too. He won’t spoil the ending. Happy to see Cane happy, Jill says more power to Traci (if she’s responsible)

Traci hurries in with her dry cleaning to tell Jack that no, she’s not running late – by now, she’s a pro at packing. Jack admires Traci (who has nice things to say about him too) You’re only at loose ends because you’re between challenges. She’s proud of her brother and knows whatever he takes on next will be epic. Jack does need a new mountain to climb. But which one? The tallest, Traci beams.

Rey’s sources in Vegas have heard rumours that Chance is involved in shady money deals; money laundering. He’s always been a truth and justice kinda guy, Nick’s puzzled – and he doesn’t need moneyKeep digging – prove Adam’s connected to a criminal enterprise (and therefore not a fit Father)

Nikki suggests a family dinner – to remind Victor how much love and support he has. It’ll be just for grown-ups. No, Adam will not be invited (because he’s trying to take Christian from Nick) Nikki’s off to a meeting with the park supervisor while Victor has something to take care of too. Nikki won’t even ask.

Still at the park, Rey ends a call with ‘babe’. Sounds like things are better between you two, Nick observes. Sharon told me about you two confronting Adam for going to Paul (trying to frame Chelsea for murder) Rey and Nick agree that it was a wake-up call for both women. What did they ever see in this jerk? No idea – but our job is to make sure the Judge’s eyes are open too, Nick concludes.

Jill’s excited to be off to see monkeys in Bali. She’d take Cane with her if he wasn’t going to NY. What does Lily think about this trip? Cane hasn’t talked to her about it. Jill’s pleased with his progress. Arriving, Billy orders a scotch and summoned over to the table by Jill, learns about Traci’s trip to New York. Not exactly going together, Cane explains that they’re flying together and staying at the same hotel. What the hell kind of game are you playing? Billy scowls.

Chelsea ends a frustrating call with Anita – my Mother’s driving me crazy! she declares to an empty room – which is no longer empty when Victor strolls in. You must have known you’d have to face me eventually, he smirks.

No need to worry – Cane will just be taking Traci to dinner and a show. Billy’s outraged – his sister needs to focus on her career (which Cane has nothing to do with) Jill explains why he’s wrong – Traci’s publisher wants to meet the man her main character’s based on. Cane doesn’t see the big deal – he and Traci just enjoy spending time together. Refusing to pull up a chair, Billy storms out. Go have fun in NY – don’t give him a second thought, Jill tells Cane.

Victor declines a drink and notes that Chelsea’s made herself at home at Nick’s. He didn’t just walk in, he was let in by the housekeeper – you didn’t hear because you were on the phone with your Mother (who he assumes correctly now goes by a different name) Chelsea has a new ID too; anything to stay out of jail and with her son. After losing his stepfather, Chelsea has no plans to tell Connor that Adam’s alive (or to bring him to GC) Victor understands. And since he’s no threat, he’d like to go see Connor.

Chelsea’s not blocking Victor from visiting Connor but it must happen the right way. That way is ‘immediately’ according to Victor. Connor’s lost everyone who’s ever been important to him, Chelsea continues to fret. All the more reason he should know he has a large family who loves him, Victor counters. He’s not prepared for the news that Adam’s alive. Victor won’t do anything to upset the boy, now where is he? Chelsea jots down an address and hands it over. Connor’s at summer camp for a few more weeks. Kindly call and have me added to the visitors’ list, Victor slips the paper into his pocket as Nick arrives to ask what’s going on.

Jill hugs Jack in the park – thanks for meeting me. She goes on about her travels then sympathizes over Dina; losing someone day by day must be torture. Jack laments that glimpses of the woman his Mother was are few and far between now. Jill sometimes dreams of Katherine. Jack has heart to heart talks with his dream version of Dina; she pushes me to do something – asking me ‘what do I want’? Do you have an answer to that? Jill asks.

Traci lets Cane in – you’re early – did you take Sam to the sitter already? Yes, but Cane has something to say – if Traci’s having second thoughts about spending time with him on this trip he’ll steer clear. Traci looks shocked.

Jill thinks that next time Jack dreams of Dina, he should tell her to back off – he’s grieving his losses. She went through a similar process when her marriage to Collin ended. Make peace with the past and the path forward will become clear, she advises. Nikki happens along – well, hello you two, she smiles fakely. Jill says goodbye to Jack and also forces a smile as she leaves Nikki to scoff at the notion of Jill giving good advice. Nikki heard Jack and Victor had a civil conversation the other night. Yes, Jack didn’t want to ‘pile on’. Nikki talks of cherishing each moment. Whatever Victor has going on he’s lucky to have your support, Jack would like him back behind his desk – he misses their business rivalry.

Have I done or said something to indicate that I’m having second thoughts? Traci wonders. Oh, you spoke to Billy. Traci didn’t tell him about their trip because she didn’t want to give him a chance to weigh in (which it looks like he has) Now, if Cane’s having second thoughts that’s another story. No, he’s not. Good, Traci’s made a list of all the places to show him in NY. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll finish packing, she heads upstairs.

Victor’s there to invite Nick to a family dinner. At Society, Nick guesses correctly. Adults only? I’m in. Also invited, Chelsea’s not sure she’ll still be in town. In parting, Victor makes a pointed remark to her that his grandchildren are very important to him. After Victor leaves, Chelsea blurts out that she’s not sure she should be part of Nick’s life.

Chelsea’s not freaking out over anything Victor said – but her going to a Newman gathering (which Adam’s excluded from) will make him blow a fuse. He’ll be more determined to take Christian away. Nick won’t let Adam dictate their lives – he’d love for her to attend this dinner and is more than OK with the ‘statement’ that would make.

A ‘chivalrous’ Cane leaps up to grab Traci’s overnight bag – ready to take the literary world by storm? Yes, and Cane is too – with a ‘dame’ like Traci on his arm.

Joining Jack at CL’s, Billy chides his brother’s lacklustre response to Jabot’s great sales figures. Admitting he’s in a funk, Jack lists the advice he’s received from Traci, Jill and Nikki. Billy thinks Jack needs new sights and sounds; travel. Not taking ‘no’ for an answer, Billy calls to arrange a flight to Paris on the private jet (when it’s back from Atlanta) Going to see Ashley is the best thing Jack can do right now, he’s sure.