Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

At CL’s, Mike informs Nick that Adam’s lawyer wants to bump up the custody hearing date – could be they’re feeling confident or bluffing. Yes, we’re ready, Mike assures. Nick will do whatever it takes to keep Christian safe. When Phyllis takes a seat, Nick basically tells her to get lost. Mike looks down and remains silent.

Adam’s summoned Kevin to the penthouse. He needs him to deliver this envelope to the Judge presiding over the custody case. Invited to see what’s inside, Kevin frowns at the papers he pulls out while Adam looks smug.

Settled into her suite and thrilled to be back in New York, Traci meets Cane in the hallway. She’s off to check on her sublet, say Hi to her doorman etc. Cane’s going to have lunch with Charlie. Traci will text him the address to a great bagel place – say I sent you for the VIP treatment. NY is her home away from home. Let’s go hit the streets, they exit together.

A troubled looking Billy’s at the Chancellor Estate with the doll in hand when Jill comes down to take it from him. Concerned, she suspects something more is going on (besides Billy’s claim that he just wanted to say goodbye again)

Jill recognizes Delia’s doll – you been thinking about her, honey? I miss her too. You have two other beautiful children and an ‘almost-wife’, you’re thriving at Jabot and have your gambling under control. She was so small, Billy’s emotional. Delia would want you to live your life; be happy; the man she taught you to be, Jill encourages Billy to honour her memory ~hug~

After Mike escapes to get coffee, Nick asks Phyllis how she shuts off her conscience. It’s one thing for Adam to steal Dark Horse and employ Phyllis – but now he’s coming after my son. You’re a wonderful Father – Phyllis denies she’s siding with Adam and won’t apologize for looking out for her own future. Nick doesn’t even recognize her anymore. What you wouldn’t recognize is the amazing hotel you worked on, Phyllis changes the subject – and will send Nick an invite to the grand opening. I’ll be living in the penthouse, she boasts. Too bad you don’t have anyone to share that ‘impeccable’ view with, Nick wipes the smile off Phyllis’ face.

Kevin won’t even say this a new low for Adam – extortion is just another day at the office for you. This is how business gets done, Adam recites Chloe’s address – poor Bella would be haunted to see her Mother arrested for attempted murder. Deliver the envelope. Family or righteous indignation; which is more important to Kevin? Do the right thing, Adam orders. Yeah, I should have done this a long time ago, Kevin exits with another mission in mind.

Mike’s rejoined Nick to ask how it went with Phyllis – she’s not testifying for the other side, is she? It’s her speciality, Nick wouldn’t be surprised. And Chelsea? She doesn’t want Adam anywhere near Connor. Good, Mike thinks the Judge will take note of two parents not wanting Adam to raise his biological sons. Nick warns Mike to watch his back when it comes to Adam and worries about the video of him wearing the JT mask. Yes, but there’s no audio – and we have the paternity test Adam falsified; it’s child abandonment. Nick agrees and hopes the Judge does too.

When Adam arrives at Dark Horse, Phyllis asks how many hopes and dreams he squashed to put the pep in his step. Three, by Adam’s count. Relaying how upset Nick is about the custody hearing, Phyllis asks Adam to drop the vendetta against him; let Nick raise Christian.

Bagged bagel in hand, Cane appears as Traci’s about to enter her hotel suite. Invited in, he updates that lunch with Charlie went well. He loves NY too. Traci sees nothing wrong with Charlie following his dreams – let him reach for the stars. I guess you’re right, Cane agrees. Yes, of course, he’s still up for Traci’s costume party. Both are excited. You’re going to love what I’m wearing, Cane promises a night to remember as he leaves.

Billy tells Jill to enjoy the next leg of her adventure. Life is so short, Jill asks Billy to live and love without regret. He’ll do his best. Exchanging I love you’s and a hug, Jill leaves Billy to sit and agonize over the doll again. Leaning forward, he sees ‘Daddy’ scribbled on a side table and goes over to inspect it.

Dressed in something Velma might wear, Traci opens the door when Cane arrives talking and looking like Flynn. You’re just gorgeous – exactly how I pictured my protagonist, she gushes. He’s surprised to hear that she saw herself as Velma. Cane sees Traci more the glamorous and smart ‘femme fatale’ than a trusty sidekick. Showtime! they leave arm in arm.