Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Welcome to Paris, Ashley greets Jack in a horrible French accent outside a cafe. Taking his hand, she has something to show him.

In Traci’s suite, Cane looks out the window at a view he could get used to.

Nate’s at Devon’s – he misses raiding the refrigerator and the big screen TV but doesn’t regret selling Neil’s place. Nate made some charitable donations and set some money aside for a downpayment on a house. Yes, Devon’s in a good mood; medication and therapy are working. To make his life even better, he plans to take things with Elena to the next level. Proposing?

At Society, Theo interrupts Kyle and Lola kissing – are you guys ever not in the mood? He’s sorry for barging in on them the other night. After Lola escapes to the kitchen, Theo claims he doesn’t want to cause trouble between Kyle and Lola. Kyle’s sceptical – it seems like that’s your goal.

Abby accosts Phyllis at CL’s. She has a proposition Phyllis might be very interested in.

Devon’s not talking about proposing – he wants to ask Elena to live with him as more than roommates. Not her space, my space – it’ll be our space. No, he’s not trying to prove that he’s over Hilary. Go for it – Nate thinks she’d be crazy to say no. Devon hopes Elena feels the same way.

Seated at Society’s bar, Theo doesn’t want to intrude on Kyle and Lola; she’s an incredible woman. He’s just struggling with losing a friend. Kyle’s the same guy – his priorities have changed after growing up and falling in love. You should try it. Theo doesn’t want to change – he’s honest about who he is – you should try it. What does that mean? You can’t rewrite history. Stuff we did in New York is part of who you are. Being told to grow up gets under Theo’s skin. No worries – he’ll keep Kyle’s secrets. What secrets? Exactly. Forget we had this conversation. Unseen, Lola watches.

Society’s a big success and Abby’s looking to expand her brand – in Phyllis’ new hotel. You’re a Newman and an Abbott, Phyllis is sure both families would hate it. Abby doesn’t need to be friends with Phyllis to make money with her. We’d be two people putting aside our issues to make a deal. Saying she’ll think about it, Phyllis slithers out.

Nate’s pleased to see GC’s hardest working restauranteur enjoying some downtime at CL’s. And why does the good doctor look so relaxed? He’s going house hunting. Abby chuckles at the idea of Nate on a riding mower. He doesn’t like haggling but Abby finds negotiating exhilarating. Yes, she’d be happy to come along.

Draped over Kyle, Lola offers to grill him and Theo up some octopus. As tempting as that sounds, Summer appears to steal Theo away. Our plans have changed, she all but drags him out by the hand. That leaves Lola to join Kyle. Having heard a bit of his and Theo’s conversation, she realizes she doesn’t know much about his time in New York so would like to hear about it.

Over plates of fruit in Traci’s suite, neither she or Cane have enjoyed a morning like this in a long time. Too bad we have to go home soon. Do we? Cane loves being in New York with Traci. It’s simple and easy. He’d love to make this reality.