Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Before the Judge, Adam reads the article online as if it’s the first time he’s hearing the explosive news that for months Nick impersonated the man who tried to kill his Father. Adam planted that story, Nick protests – his goal was to lure JT Hellstrom into the open. No one ‘intimidates’ my Father. Yes, Nick went too far but his family has forgiven him so that’s all that matters. Uh no – the purpose of this hearing is to evaluate the environment Christian will be raised in, the Judge corrects.

At Nick’s, Summer looks at her phone in disbelief as she watches the video of her Father removing his JT mask.

Abby’s at Society when her phone pings. In the background, Phyllis’ phone also goes off. Oh wow – the timing of this is no coincidence. This has Adam written all over it, Abby agrees.

Nick regrets what he did. Adam whispers to his lawyer – who then remarks that Nick showed no remorse and instead continued to run the company he built by stealing his Father’s assets. Nick claims that Adam did worse when stealing HIS company and trying to trade it for his son. He still owns Dark Horse because Nick will never barter with his son – and that’s the difference between me and Adam.

Kyle joins Lola on the CL’s patio – he’s sorry he wasn’t able to discuss this yesterday. He needed time and knows she views him differently after what she overheard and whatever Theo told her. Lola doesn’t care what Theo had to say – she wants the truth from Kyle. Let’s get it all out there, deal with it and put it behind us. OK, Kyle will tell Lola everything.

Brenda doesn’t see anything wrong with Adam offering Dark Horse back to Nick in hopes he’d do the right thing for Christian. Scoffing at Adam’s phoney outrage, Nick knew Adam had this video for weeks; him releasing it to the tabloids on this day is to distract from him being a great Father to Christian while Adam was up to no good in Vegas. My client had amnesia, Brenda reminds the Judge. Calling Nick ruthless and cruel, Adam rants about him being out of control and an unfit guardian. You handed me rights to that boy by changing the DNA results; YOU wrote the book on being ruthless and cruel, Nick counters.

Back at CL’s, Sharon’s alarmed by the video she watches on her phone – and then the appearance of Chelsea. I heard you were back in town – returning to the scene of the crime? she quips.

Now seated with Phyllis, Abby chats with her about Adam (who Phyllis tried to talk out of suing Nick for custody) He’s a great Father and has a solid case. Abby changes the subject to her vision of turning the whole first floor of Phyllis’ new hotel into a lounge; soft music, a common area with drinks and a pool table. Phyllis likes the idea but why should she do business with Abby? Both sides of your family hate me.

Chelsea apologizes for knocking Sharon out the night she left town. I was cornered and desperate. Unable to prove it was Chelsea who attacked her, Sharon appreciates finally getting an admission of guilt. They then bicker about who’s responsible for Adam taking Nick to court (Chelsea for keeping Conner away from him and staying with Nick – or Sharon bringing Adam back to GC) They also disagree on who Adam loves. Chelsea knows it’s always been Sharon.

When Nick lists Adam’s crimes, Brenda deems them ‘wild accusations’ and ‘character assassination’. Attempting to shut Nick down, the Judge thinks he should have retained a new lawyer to prevent these outbursts. Undeterred, Nick continues – Adam stole Faith when she was a baby. There was no charges or proof, Brenda protests. Adam covers his tracks and gets away with everything, Nick adds – except Delia.

Kyle was on the rebound and got caught up in Theo’s lifestyle… No, I wasn’t caught up – I was onboard. Some of it was fun; partying for days on end, in NYC and the Hamptons. When you have unlimited funds and designer drugs, it can make you feel invincible. Lola assumes it wasn’t just guys. There were women, lots of women – we were using each other, Kyle admits. He didn’t care how they felt; he was numb. This is the unvarnished truth – say something, Kyle asks the now silent Lola.

Denying and disagreeing, Sharon can see that Adam’s clearly in love with Chelsea. She’s moved on and living with a great guy now. Adam won’t be an issue for her and Rey anymore. There’s a reason Victor enlisted your help with Adam, Chelsea insists. Yes, because he couldn’t find YOU, Sharon replies. You can understand Adam in ways no one else can, Chelsea adds. Sharon tried – it didn’t work and she can’t ‘try again’. It’s not her fight. You and Nick should try to reason with Adam (who Sharon then defends – do you and Nick plan to keep both boys away from him forever? You don’t see Adam’s position at all?) Not when he’s acting out of rage, no. Chelsea’s priority is protecting the kids. If he succeeds in ripping Christian away from Nick, Adam will be a lost cause. She knows Sharon will never believe he’s a lost cause – and that’s why SHE must be the one to talk Adam out of this. Sharon exits without further word.