Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Billy’s awakened from a Delia-nightmare (more giggling ‘n scribbling at the Estate) when Jack texts to say he’s bringing a surprise back from Paris. Alarmed and now fully awake, Billy exits the Abbott mansion.

In Vikki’s office, Nick updates on the smug Adam and how he may have tanked his own case. Vikki’s sure Adam won’t get custody of Christian. We’re about to find out, Nick gets a text and rushes out. Keep me posted, Vikki calls out.

Brenda and an impatient/irritable Adam are waiting at CL’s for the Judge’s ruling – when the text comes in. They too rush out.

Moseying into Society’s kitchen, Kyle asks Lola to kick back and spend the afternoon with him. Too busy, Lola gives him the cold shoulder. About to leave, Kyle asks Lola if she’s avoiding him – he saw her calendar; she has the afternoon off.

Theo arrives at CL’s to hear Celeste leaving Lola a message – maybe we can go shopping for some Mother of the bride dresses – call me. He introduces himself as Kyle’s friend – oh the stories I could tell you.

Brenda warns her (over)confident client that this could go either way. Only one way to find out, Adam heads into the courtroom – where Nick’s already waiting.

Traci comes home seconds before Jack – and then Ashley! How’s Cane? Jack told her that they’d formed quite a bond.

Kyle loves how Lola doesn’t hold back – he always knew where he stood – and now? Give it to me straight. Lola lied about having to work. Some of the things he and Theo did …. she needs time to reconcile who Kyle was in New York with the Kyle she’s engaged to. This Kyle loves you, he assures. Lola knows that. We can work through this, he’s sure.

Back at CL’s, Theo continues to drop hints about his wildlife with Kyle in New York. He claims to be done with all that – but does a person ever really change? Celeste doesn’t know anything about Kyle or Lola’s life in GC. No! She didn’t hear anything about surgery. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this, Theo realizes. Too late for that – keep talking.

Letting Billy in, a puzzled Kevin wonders if he had another dream. Billy pulls back the wallpaper to reveal the name ‘Adam’ penned on the wall (as in his dream) Delia wrote this – she’s trying to tell me something.

Waiting for the Judge, Adam asks Brenda to put together a list of nanny agencies and private schools. He’ll also want to change Christian’s birth certificate. You’re more delusional than I thought, Nick sneers. Adam’s sure Nick will find someone to lend him a womb – hey, Chelsea gives babies to men in need. You don’t give a damn about either of those boys! Nick escalates. That’s enough, the Judge sits – this was not an easy case but he’s made his decision.