Friday, July 19th, 2019

The morning of the custody hearing, Chelsea’s amazed that Nick was laughing with Christian over breakfast like it’s any other morning. Hopefully, it will be – Nick shrugs into his jacket and hopes to be tucking his son into bed as usual tonight. And he’ll never know Uncle Adam was trying to take him, Chelsea tries/fails to be optimistic – it’s Adam you’re dealing with.

Mike stomps onto the CL’s patio to take a call from Adam (who wishes he could be there when Nick gets the news) I’ll talk to you later, Mike snarls and hangs up. At the penthouse, Adam asks Kevin (behind his laptop) if he’s good to go. Seems he’s forced the reluctant Baldwin brothers to help implement his plan.

In their suite at a resort, Nikki and Victor have enjoyed an afternoon concert in an amphitheatre surrounded by mountains. Nikki loved the pianist. Victor would love to hear her play again and is sure he won’t be missed at the custody hearing; Nick has everything under control ~kiss~

Now at Society, Adam tells Brenda, his lawyer, that today’s hearing will be brief. Don’t underestimate Mike Baldwin, she warns. He’ll do what he’s supposed to do and Adam’s confident he’ll get the outcome he’s hoping for.

About to leave CL’s for the courthouse, Mike tells Nick that he has bad news.

Adam orders a full breakfast while his lawyer only wants coffee (and to go over answers that are sure to be asked of him in court) Phyllis joins them to scoff at Adam’s deep Father/son connection to a boy he rejected. She has an idea – let’s forget about the hearing and have drinks. Adam will buy Phyllis drinks later – when he has custody of Christian. Asked to keep her phone on in court, Brenda baulks – it’s against the rules. What is Adam up to? No good, Phyllis quickly chimes in.

Mike has a conflict of interest – he donated to a charity whose board includes the Judge’s wife so needs to step down. If this comes out, you’ll be accused of bribing a judge. Nick can’t believe this. Mike will get a continuance and have Britney argue his case. Adam got to you, Nick guesses. Mike’s indignant at being accused of something so unconscionable. Frankly, it’s hurtful. This is a minor setback. Stop! Nick’s pissed – you’re bailing on me with a BS reason – I never expected this from you! What’s going on? Lauren asks as she arrives. Ask your husband, Nick snarls and marches out.

Taking the seat Nick vacated, Lauren’s surprised to hear that Mike let something like this slip through the cracks – you’re usually so thorough. Judge Sanders’wife goes by her maiden name; Mike didn’t know until today. When Lauren worries that Nick will lose his son to a sociopath, Mike leaves offended – a little support would have been nice.

Back home, Nick updates Chelsea that Mike’s withdrawing from the case – he’s sure Adam got to him. Now, he needs to find another lawyer – today (Britney’s unavailable) No, Nick doesn’t want to postpone – Christian has a bodyguard and social workers; Adam keeps popping up. I need my son to feel safe again! Chelsea warns Nick against going to court without legal representation. Adam’s case is weak – an illegal video and a biological connection – lawyer or not, Nick needs this settled today.