Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

A perturbed Billy shuts his laptop on the CL’s patio; deleting his search for ‘ghosts contacting loved ones’. You still look like hell, Kevin declares it impossible that Delia’s trying to reach out to him. Don’t let Adam win. Having been through this, Kevin knows what Billy must do.

Nick, Vikki, Adam (his lawyer) and Sharon are back before the Judge. Having heard both sides’ case for temporary custody and the social worker’s reports, he awards custody to Vikki.

Abby and Nate have been invited to the penthouse to celebrate Devon and Elena officially being a couple; a major step all are happy about. Devon’s also happy to see his two favourite people together. Abby appreciates the distraction – tonight is just what she needs.

The Judge explains his reasoning; Vikki is family and has a long-standing relationship with Christian. I’ll take good care of him, she vows. She means I won’t get to see him, Adam’s pissed. Nick’s not happy to hear that both he and Adam will have supervised visitation. Asking both to quiet down, the Judge has ruled that Vikki will take custody this evening – a social worker will be at Nick’s to ensure things go smoothly. No, Adam can’t see Christian beforehand – he must wait for a scheduled time. The Judge also questions him now wanting a relationship with the child he went to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility for.

Kevin would see Delia for months after she died; in crowds, the playground. His mind played tricks on him for a few months – eventually, it stopped. How did you cope? Billy asks. His usual; online research. It’s not uncommon for those grieving to see people who look like their deceased loved one. Kevin also opened up – to Mike, Lauren, his Mom. Billy thought he had moved on. Things are good with Vikki – he doesn’t want to dump this on her. Kevin gets that – how about a psychiatrist? Don’t keep this bottled up. Billy appreciates the advice but doesn’t want his past to ruin what he has now.

At home, Nick gets a supportive hug from Chelsea. It’s temporary, Vikki’s sure the Judge would have given him custody if Adam hadn’t released that video. Nick’s ready to fight this battle but worries how Adam will use his time with Christian. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Sharon’s at Adam’s, giving him a pep talk – court-ordered visitation rights is huge. You can build a relationship with Christian and, in time, prove to the Judge that you deserve a key role in the boy’s life. Adam appreciates Sharon’s optimism but hints that he won’t rely on faith alone. What are you planning? Sharon’s alarmed.

With an impressive spread of finger foods and good conversation, Abby announces that she’s partnering with The Grand Pheonix Hotel (hoping Devon doesn’t mind that she’s branching out on her own) Of course not – as long as he’s on the VIP guestlist for the launch party.