Thursday, July 25th, 2019

At the office, Nikki and Victor are at least glad that Vikki was awarded temporary custody of Christian. Unfortunately, everything Nick feared when first hearing Adam was alive has come true.

Vikki chats with Christian and the nanny at the park – then gets back to Chelsea (on the phone) Neither have any idea where Nick is. Tell him to call me, Vikki hangs up. Chelsea looks around – Nick? You home??

Celeste arrives at CL’s. Are you Phyllis Summers? I’m Celeste – Lola’s Mother! Your daughter saved my daughter’s life ~hug~ you must be so proud of her. More than she knows, Phyllis sighs.

The nanny and Vikki admire the dead beetle Christian found and plans to give a burial at sea (the lake) He and the nanny are shooed off when Sharon appears – Vikki will catch up with them in a minute. He looks happy, Sharon comments. Being with the same nanny means less disruption in Christian’s life, Vikki believes. If that IS important to Sharon, why did she show up at court with Adam; offering to take custody? What’s up with that?

Over coffee at CL’s, Celeste and Phyllis bond over not being told their daughters were having surgery. Why were they so anxious to tell the truth? Summer probably thought I’d have tried to talk her out of it. No, she wouldn’t have – but she’d have tried to talk Summer out of marrying Kyle. Both girls equate a Mother’s worry with criticism and judgment. Everything Celeste has done is for her daughter. Phyllis relates – they won’t understand til they have daughters of their own. OMG – I sound like my Mom. Oh no, both laugh. Celeste appreciates talking to someone who’s going through the same thing. I hear it gets better, Phyllis leaves her new friend to hope so.

At the apartment, Lola vents to Rey. Mom feels kicked to the curb and blames Kyle, which is unfair. Meh, any parent would be concerned if a married man proposed to their little girl. I’m not a kid, Lola whines that Mom is only overprotective of her – she has nothing to say about Arturo gets his brother’s wife pregnant – and you live with a woman who’s entire life is one big red flag. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, Lola apologizes – I like Sharon. Rey admits that Sharon has a lot of baggage; maybe too much for a guy like him to handle.

Back at the park, Sharon denies she still thinks of Christian as her son. She just wanted to help. And you think he’d be better off with you than his own family? Vikki’s indignant. Adam didn’t think he’d have access to Christian, Sharon feels that he deserves a chance to get to know his son. There it is, Vikki scoffs – the good judgment you’re so famous for.

Knowing that Adam won’t be kept from Christian forever, Sharon thinks it better they know one another when the truth comes out. He’s too young and Adam’s a dangerous, master manipulator, Vikki wants to keep Christian safe as long as possible. No, she won’t disobey the court order but she will supervise Adam’s visits closely. He was a good Father to Connor, even Chelsea would agree, Sharon points out. On cue, Chelsea appears. She and Sharon tell Vikki a few fun rituals Nick does with Christian before bed. Last night, he had no one to read to or kiss goodnight, Chelsea sadly reports.