Friday, July 26th, 2019

Seated on a bale of hay in a peaceful farm setting, Nick reads (but doesn’t reply to) a text from Vikki saying that Christian’s OK. When Chelsea appears, he explains that he just needed to get away. I’ll … I’ll go if you want me to, Chelsea stammers.

At the penthouse, Adam’s on the phone – I’m sending someone over to get more copies of the photos you took. Good morning – a cheery Mike arrives as summoned by his blackmailer; who has an errand for him to run – pick up a package – here’s the name and address. Ah – the PI who took the unflattering photos of Judge Sanders. He left the country, indefinitely. How does Mike know that? I’m the one who told him to go.

At Dark Horse, Phyllis is on the phone with Roger – yes, that’s exactly what I want you to do. Make it happen ~click~

It’s mentally and physically exhausting to get three kids ready for camp, Billy chats with Vikki over coffee at CL’s. She’s sorry she wasn’t there to help. No worries, fine with Christian staying with them, Billy knows there will be mornings he has a meeting and Vikki will be on kid-duty. Vikki wishes she could have reached Billy before helping Nick. Keep your phone on, she chides. Billy apologizes/agrees. Changing topics, he’s clearly not onboard with Jack and Ashley’s plans to merge Jabot with Abbott Exchange. Knowing he’s under a lot of stress, Vikki really appreciates Billy stepping up to help her family.

I wasn’t expecting you, a bare-chested Rey says as he opens the door to his suite. Sharon missed him last night. He missed her too. Can I come in? she asks.

Finding Lola moping over the flowers she brought for her Mom, Kyle jokes that he’ll wait on bringing his stuff back in case Celeste returns. No, I chased her off for good this time, Lola pouts. She’ll come around, Kyle’s optimistic. And for what it’s worth, Rey and Arturo were the ones who kept the accident/surgery from her – and it was the right call. Lola knows her Mom will never see it that way. Rey’s a stand-up guy – even if kills him sometimes, she adds.

Rey now dressed, Sharon appreciates him hearing her out. We’ve both been dealing with so much – she understands that Rey was upset and regrets getting involved in Christian’s case. But still, wanting to help isn’t a bad thing – you love me because I try to help people. Sharon would help a stranger so can’t really be expected to turn her back on a friend. We both know Adam’s a lot more than a friend – and if Sharon can’t admit that, Rey sees no point in talking.

Not happy that Mike sent his PI out of the country, Adam hopes (for Kevin and Chloe’s sake) that he at least got all the photos. Yes, and the negatives. You’re not as dumb as I thought, Adam quips. I’m smarter than you ever expected, Mike sneers – the photos and negatives have been destroyed. Adam’s furious – they were going to guarantee me custody of my son! Blackmailing a Judge would blow up in your face, Mike shouts – you’re welcome! Oh, you did this for me? Adam chortles in disbelief. Mike did it for himself. Due to this unholy alliance, if Adam goes down, so does he – and that’s not happening.

How did Chelsea know where to find Nick? She remembered how much he loved this property – it spoke to your soul. It’s where Nick planned to build a home for him, Chelsea and the boys. Did getting away from everything help? Yes, it did. Nick needed distance from Adam; so I wouldn’t hurt him. You don’t have that in you, Chelsea knows. Nick didn’t think so either but the only thing stopping him is the possibility of losing his son.