Monday, July 29th, 2019

Billy and Vikky hit the bed joined at the lips (and hips)

Nick hovers in the background as a smooth-talking southern gentleman (very much like Calvin) stuns Chelsea with the news that her deceased husband left her five million dollars.

In Society’s kitchen, Abby gives a depressed Lola a pep talk. If it’s anyone’s fault that Celeste wasn’t told about the surgery, it’s that psycho Mia. Blaming herself Lola’s sad that her Mother won’t be at her wedding.

At the apartment, Kyle leaves Celeste a long-winded message imploring her to please come to the wedding.

Nate shows Victor and Nikki test results on a tablet – good news; the protocol is working (despite the side effects) He’d like to add another element to the treatment. Nikki’s alarmed but Victor understands what Nate’s not saying – he has a limited window of opportunity to beat this disease.

Is this new treatment really worth it? Nikki demands answers. Seeing that Victor’s stronger than he was a month ago, Nate believes so – though the side effects may worsen. Victor’s a fighter – he will fight this. Nikki reluctantly gives her blessing.

Putting her clothes back on, Vikki pushes Billy away to ask if he’s OK; she noticed he hasn’t been sleeping well. Christian comes in to say he wants his Daddy. Billy suggests he call his Dad to say goodnight. Vikki’s distracted with her phone and needs to get to the office. We’ll be fine, Billy and Christian send her off. One of those nights huh? Billy knows what it’s like to miss someone (and takes out his phone to dial Nick’s number)

Lola comes home to ask Kyle what he’s up to. After he steps aside to reveal flowers and candles, Lola hugs Kyle and asks that he always be as honest as he was the other night. Over her shoulder, Kyle looks troubled.

There’s also a trust for Kenny, Calvin’s ‘oldest friend’ adds. You mean Connor? Chelsea’s again surprised and isn’t sure she wants to sign the paperwork – it just seems wrong. Calvin would want you to be independent and beholden to no-one, the lawyer welcomes Chelsea to her new life. Having excused himself to chat on the phone with Christian, Nick returns to hover.

Christian’s alright, Nick sits to update Chelsea – who needs a bit of time to absorb this news. She now believes Calvin must have loved her and Connor (to leave them more money than the prenup stipulated) The lawyer sits back as she signs the papers.