Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

How’s it going? It’s been a while, Adam’s pleased to run into Jack at CL’s – until a ‘ticked off’ Jack sternly tells him to take a seat – Adam damn well better listen to what he has to say.

Both dressed for work, Vikki comments that Billy didn’t sleep well again (she stayed up to watch over him) She’s too worried for his jokes. It was just a bad night, Billy downplays. Vikki wishes he confided in her before. He wasn’t too ’embarrassed’ to talk to Sharon. Yes, Vikki’s right – there is more to why Billy kept this from her.

At Nick’s, Rey hopes the situation with Christian gets resolved in his favour soon. He’s quitting the investigation. Why? Nick’s surprised. Because Adam’s toxic – Rey’s life has gone to hell since he started this investigation; I’m out.

Over coffee with Mike at Society, Chris is eager to turn her caseload over to whoever’s elected as the next DA. Here’s a thought – why wait? You could walk away now, Mike suggests. Resign? Chris seems surprised but intrigued.

Theo drops by Phyllis’ office without an appointment. He’s aware that she’s busy but this won’t take long – and she’ll be interested in what he has to share.

Phyllis is bored and impatient as Theo blathers on about plans for The Grand Pheonix launch party. She has important deals closing today. More important than this event? Yes, they (the deals) could change everything for me, Phyllis darts out.

Rey tried to convince Sharon that Adam didn’t deserve her sympathy. He wormed his way into her head yet again, Nick sums it up. Yup – she still has feelings for him and is setting up a reunion without even realizing it. Rey ended things. Nick’s sorry – Adam’s some svengali to her; it doesn’t matter what he does or who he hurts. Rey ran into Adam. He didn’t mention the breakup but Adam sensed it and taunted Rey about the hold he has over Sharon. Rey can’t get consumed by this – sorry. Nick understands. See you around, Rey shakes his hand and leaves.

No, Jack’s not on Nick’s side; he’s on Christian’s side. He belongs with Nick but Adam can have a role in his life. Start enforcing your court-ordered visitation. Pleasantly but firmly have Vikki grant you access – establish a connection with Christian. The Judge is hoping you and Nick will find a compromise that puts him first. Step up. If Adam can’t do that, Jack feels he has no business calling himself a father.

Billy was ashamed by what’s happening – he doesn’t want to let Vikki down. Vikki suggests he see a professional. Yes, that’s what Sharon said – he’s considering it but needs time ~kiss/hug~ I love you.

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle exchange small talk – it must be great to be back living with Lola. Yes, last night we were discussing the wedding. No, it probably won’t be the wedding of Lola’s dreams and there’s nothing Kyle can do to fix it.

The guys at the station told Rey he could find Paul here (CL’s) He misses being a cop and wants back on the force. Paul doesn’t look enthused.

Mike knows Chris has issues with the mayor – and Victor (who will throw money at a candidate to have a DA at his beck and call) Cut him off at the pass – force a special election with a candidate you’re OK with passing the torch to. You, Chris realizes – that’s what this get together’s about. Mike’s drawn to the idea of prosecuting again, making a difference. Whaddaya think? Chris will think about it and get back to him.