Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Sorry I’m late, Mariah joins Tessa at Society. The reason they’re celebrating? The video they uploaded reached 1 million likes. As Tessa becomes emotional, Lola appears. She’s overjoyed by the news. Mariah has a riddle – how’s Rey? When did Lola last speak to him? A couple of days ago – why? Lola’s stunned to hear he moved out – he and Sharon were so happy. Maybe it’s just a bump in the road (Mariah clearly doesn’t think so)

Devon shows Nick out – and lets Nate in (to relay his disastrous date with Abby) Give her some time and space, Devon advises – she’ll come back if it’s meant to be. Yes, he is very happy. On cue, Elena comes home to weep in Devon’s arms (it seems that something happened at work)

Elena shares the sad details of her shift. A welder fell three stories on a construction site. She held his hand and talked to him as he died. I failed and now he’s dead, she weeps to Nate and Devon.

Still celebrating and holding hands across the table, Mariah and Tessa toast – to us. Hearing that some artists want to collaborate with her, Tessa can’t believe this is her life.

Sharon’s about to contact Rey when Lola stops by to apologize for coming without calling. Mariah didn’t tell her to details, so she assumes Rey did something wrong. No, Sharon accepts blame. She tried to support someone she should have left alone. Rey’s hurt and angry. That’s because he loves you, Lola’s offer is politely declined. Enjoy this time with Kyle; revel in the planning, the anticipation, the happiness of finding the person meant for you. Don’t let anyone spoil the magic.

Nick and Christian share a call that has Nick in tears. He loves his son and hopes he comes. Big as the sky.

Nate takes a seat to console Elena. Find a way to rise above the sorrow or the darkness will overtake you. The world needs more people like you. Looking every bit the outsider, Devon seems to know it. Thanking Nate for saying exactly what she needed to hear, Elena hugs him. Devon’s crestfallen.

At Society, Lola asks Abby why she’s back from her evening with Dr Handsome so soon. Why do people have to slap labels on everything? Abby’s annoyed – it was just a dinner. Not elaborating, she’d rather talk about Lola’s Mother. She’ll be there, Abby’s sure. Why do relationships have to get so complicated? Lola wonders. Abby wishes she knew.

Jogging through the park, Nick encounters Sharon (who is indeed the last person he wants to see) But no, he’s not angry – he’s disappointed and fed up. After Nick calmly but bitterly lashes out, Sharon reminds that she took care of Christian when he was a baby. She was trying to do what was best for him. Not believing her lies, Nick still cares for and worries about Sharon. Let Adam get under your skin and you’ll get hurt, he warns.

Arm in arm, Devon and Elena thank Nate and show him out. No alone, Devon asks what he can do. You’re already doing it, she gives him a kiss. Meanwhile, across the hall, Nate’s further saddened by a text from Abby; Great dinner. Great night. Let’s leave it at that. Okay?

Back in the park, Sharon doesn’t need Nick’s protection. She’d know if she was in danger. Adam’s not a monster. Keep telling yourself that. You’ll have to make a decision. Adam’s side or everyone elses, he runs off.