Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Bumping into her Mom at CL’s, Mariah’s in a hurry to meet Tessa – but then notices that Sharon looks like ‘patient zero in the zombie apocalypse’. My life’s just a bit upside down, Sharon downplays, her eyes glistening.

Meeting a woman at Society, Nick’s expectations aren’t just met, they’re surpassed by whatever’s on the bristol board she hands him. Whoa – this is outstanding, he raves.

Whatever Nate’s cooking smells heavenly, Abby’s hungry and intrigued. Close your eyes, Nate lifts the spoon to her mouth. Wow – you made that? A doctor who’s easy on the eyes, good with his hands AND can cook – Nate’s a ‘keeper’.

At Society, both Tessa and Lola are impressed with how their lives have changed. Who knew life could be so good? What are you and Mariah celebrating tonight? Lola got a text from her to put some champagne on ice. Tessa looks worried – hope I didn’t forget an anniversary.

Devon wheels luggage into the penthouse as he reassures Elena that Jett will be fine with Ana at his side. Elena misses them already. She then spots a gift bag; a surprise from Devon.

When Elena finally gets to see her surprise, she’s stunned that Devon bought her favourite novel (and more impressed that he remembered) It’s autographed, a first edition – the most thoughtful, generous gift she’s ever received ~kiss~ What did I do to deserve you? Devon echoes the sentiment. Elena has to go to work but suggests Devon wait up so she can show him how grateful she is when she gets home. After she goes upstairs, Devon gets a call from Nick, who’ll stop by later to discuss a business proposition.

Over coffee at CL’s, Mariah’s shocked to hear that Rey moved out and disapproving when told why. How could Sharon turn her back on Nick like that? Biology does NOT make someone a parent. What in the world would make Adam a better Father than Nick? You sound just like everyone else, Sharon wipes away tears – I was just helping a friend. Hearing the details, Mariah doesn’t blame Rey for walking out.

Seated in Nate’s new (the Ashby’s old) dining room, Abby can’t say enough good things about the wonderful meal they just finished. How many stars? All of them ~kiss~ But when Nate invites her to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon, Abby’s smile vanishes.

Abby won’t go to the Grand Canyon with Nate – she can’t leave Society (her ‘baby’) Nate doesn’t want to pressure Abby but thought they had something special; why else would she invite him to a family gathering? You’re my Father’s physician – Abby didn’t think he’d make such a big deal of it. Were not a couple, we’re just two people having fun. Let’s not make more of it than it is. Declining dessert or a nightcap, Abby gives Nate a kiss and a cheery – ‘see you around’.

Nick’s at Devon’s. This has nothing to do with Dark Horse but he acquired most of the properties back. He wants to help people – the most important thing we have to give is love and …. hope. ‘New Hope’ – he proudly shows Devon the logo he’s had drawn up.

Still at CL’s – Sharon wasn’t putting Adam’s needs above Rey’s or trying to punish Nick. She was trying to do the right thing. Mariah reminds Sharon that she confessed to unwanted feelings for Adam. That was weeks ago, Sharon denies she wants a relationship with Adam. Mariah thinks Sharon needs to let Adam fight his own battles. You’re risking your relationship with a great guy. Rey loves you. Mariah doesn’t know what’s come over Sharon; it’s like Adam has you under a spell. Like you’re addicted. Mariah implores her Mom to choose love – have the courage to do the right thing. Sharon’s left to wipe a tear.

New Hope was Dark Horse/Nick’s affordable housing project. He wants everyone to have a place to call home, to be proud of. Devon’s absolutely in – where do I sign up? Neil would love this. Nick wants to incorporate his name (Neil’s), leave a charitable legacy and give Christian a loving home. Devon basically thinks the good Nick puts out there will be returned to him. Nick hopes so.