Thursday, August 1st, 2019

At CL’s, Vikki updates Sharon on how Christian is but draws the line at hearing any defence of Adam’s rights to see the boy. She does, however, appreciate Sharon advising Billy to talk to a therapist about Delia. He’s there now.

The only way the therapist can help Billy is by bringing back his daughter. She’s gone and the man who took her is still here and not going anywhere.

Summer took her time coming downstairs to give Nick time with Chelsea (who’s nowhere to be seen) Is she the reason her Dad’s so happy this morning? No – Nick is visiting Christian. What a great way to start the day.

Marching into NE, Adam’s accosted by his Father. Yes, he’s angry about the custody hearing. Now in the office, Victor laments that he had big plans for Adam and advises him to use the Judge’s ruling to make amends with Nick and earn his way into Christian’s life. Adam scoffs – earn it? MY blood runs through his veins. Adam hopes his Father hangs on long enough to see him win this thing – enjoy the show, Pops (he slams out)

Nick won’t be satisfied until Christian’s back home with him but will focus on the positive until then. Not sure that’s Chelsea, Summer made that loud and clear to her. Another reason Nick’s smiling – he’s rebooting New Hope (with Devon) He recently re-acquired some properties. Oh? Your Mom didn’t tell you? Let’s just say she’s working quite an interesting agenda.

At Society, Jack thanks Phyllis again for enabling him to purchase the Jabotique locations. Adam can’t be thrilled about it. Unconcerned, Phyllis has some tricks up her sleeve too. Jack then looks quizzical when she not so nonchalantly asks what Billy’s up to.

The therapist understands how hard it is for Billy to express his bottled up emotion. Describe what you’re feeling now. What brought you here today? Billy’s fighting sleep so he won’t dream about the daughter he lost 5 years, 9 months, 22 days ago. He used to dream of Delia full of life but now his dreams are disturbing and surreal. He’s not sure he has his grief under control. Since the man who killed her returned to town, Billy’s filled with blinding, all-consuming rage.

Vikki mentions the intense conversation she saw Billy having with Sharon – he later told her it was about Delia (implying he didn’t just confide in her last night) Vikki understands why Billy can’t talk to her about it – thanks for encouraging him to get help. After Sharon moves on, Adam marches in to blast Vikki about denying him access. Not buying her spiel on logistics and stability, he vows not to give up. We’ll see, Vikki replies.

I heard what you did. Summer’s at Dark Horse; unimpressed with the sneakiness and false humility, she’s not there to worship at her Mom’s feet. That’d be awesome, Phyllis deadpans – thanks for stopping by. Wait, Summer gives her Mom a surprise hug.

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When Adam came back to town, people thought he might have changed – but he’s the same bastard he was when he drove over my little girl. Then he drove away and covered it up so he wouldn’t get caught. Billy then tears up when relaying how they stopped for ice cream. Why am I here? It won’t bring Delia back. Do you truly want to work through this grief? The therapist suggests Billy’s grief keeps Delia alive – and justifies the hatred towards Adam over what might have been a blameless accident.

Stonewalling? We’re busy people with challenging schedules – that’s all, Vikki’s smile widens when Adam mentions her teaming up with Phyllis. Go complain to the Judge, Vikki won’t waste any more of her time. You won’t keep me away from Christian! Adam shouts as she leaves. Sharon appears to repeat that she’s on Christian’s side and protests when Adam threatens to tell Christian that he’s his Dad next time he sees him. You can’t do that! she yelps.

Why didn’t Phyllis tell Summer what she did for Dad? I dunno – I’m a drama queen, Phyllis’ confession makes Summer chuckle. Another hug knocks the wind out of Summer. You can breathe later, Phyllis is overjoyed.

At Jabot, Victor tells Jack that he has something important to talk to Summer about. This place is so cramped, not spacious like NE. Jack can’t help but appreciate the familiarity of his long-time business rival.

Hey buddy! Nick runs to pick Christian up at the park. As he plays with his new toys, Nick’s pleasantly surprised to see that his son’s doing well. A defiant Vikki reports her run-in with Adam. As long as she’s Christian’s guardian, Adam will see him as little as possible.

Telling Christian that you’re his Father will only confuse Christian and prove to everyone that they’re right about you. Build a relationship with him as Uncle Adam. He appreciates the advice – how’s things with Rey? Couldn’t be better, Sharon lies. Huh, Adam talked to Rey the other day – seems things couldn’t be worse. Knowing Sharon won’t always be there to relieve his pent up frustration, Adam will have to make do with a walk in the park. Sharon’s left to look like she wishes he’d invited her.