Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Mariah failing to break up the catfight between Summer and Abby, Tessa jumps in to help her. Not to be outdone, Kyle gets into a shoving match with Theo. Lola grabs the mic and demands everyone cut it the hell out NOW!

Nick thanks Vikki for meeting him (at Society) Yes, he punched Adam (who arrives on cue wearing the proof on his face) Nick sighs – realizing he’s made a bad situation worse. It’s going to get messier.

GC was our home for years – maybe it’s time to come back, Chelsea reminds that Connor has family here who’s excited to see him; Grandpa Victor, Nick and Christian. Won’t that be nice? Connor likes Uncle Nick but misses Calvin – I don’t have a Dad anymore. Chelsea tears up – there’s something else I have to tell you.

Lola thanks everyone for listening – tonight isn’t just about our marriage, it’s about our friends and family. Surely we can set our differences aside for a while to remember what’s important and have some fun. Mariah takes the mic – Lola’s right; tonight is about romance and hope. To Kyle and Lola’s happiness – let’s get back to the party. That’s exactly what happens as Lola and Kyle kiss on the dance floor.

Having a few choice words for Summer, Mariah’s pulled away by Tessa. A soaked Abby apologizes to Lola and Kyle for getting into it with Summer – it won’t happen again (tonight) Stay stong ‘Abs’ Elena encourages. As Abby goes to freshen up (Nate drifting after her) Devon goes to make sure the staff don’t post anything online. Alone again, Lola wants to make new memories with Kyle.

Chelsea talks about how sad they were when Adam died. And now…. It’s OK, I’m a big kid – just tell me – I can take it, Connor says. My little man, Chelsea chokes up – then tells Conor that his Dad’s alive. With a gasp, Connor hugs his Mom (who cries over his shoulder)

Back at Society, Nick and Vikki sympathize with the predicament Chelsea’s in. Vikki can understand why Nick attacked Adam – and why is Mike so disloyal? Is he being blackmailed? Nick doesn’t think it matters who represented him; there’s no stopping Adam. Christian doesn’t seem to understand what Adam told him – but he’ll repeat it every visit until he does. Vikki might have a way to keep Adam’s mouth shut.

Yes, Dad’s alive and he now remembers everything. He’s here!? I want to see him – let’s go right now! It’s late, Chelsea stalls. Please! Conner begs – you can’t do that to me. Take me to see him.

Uh oh – should I duck? Adam quips. Vikki warns that if he says one more word to Christian about being his Father, she’ll make sure he never has another visit with that child. Try it – the Judge might appoint a guardian who’ll respect his ruling. Vikki will tell the Judge that Adam’s using the boy to lash out at Nick. He should hear this part, Adam marches over to Nick’s table to update that he reported the assault to the police. Your detective friend can’t drag his heels forever. Adam has time-stamped photos of his bruises and will make sure Nick spends time behind bars. Goodnight, he exits.

Having a nice chat, Rey advises Kyle not to let this loser Theo get to him. Kyle agrees – the last thing he wants to do is disappoint Lola. Do what you gotta do, Rey concludes. Now alone, he gets a text from Nick – just talked to Adam, meet me at Society.

Duty calls – enjoy the rest of the evening, Rey bids goodnight to Lola, Jack and Traci (who are impressed with the way their newest member of the family handled herself) If there’s anything we can do, let us know. Lola wishes her Mom felt the same way. From afar, a bedraggled Summer looks devastated as she watches Jack hugging Lola.

Meeting Nick (and Vikki) Rey hears how Adam provoked the assault by telling Christian that he was his real Father and after Monique got his son out of there, Adam vowed to turn Christian against Nick. He’scallous beyond belief. Yes, but you crossed the line, Rey promised Paul he’d do everything by the book. Rey can stall but he can’t ignore Adam’s report. Nick appreciates that. Did Adam ask you to have Sharon corroborate his story? He called, she came running. Yeah, Rey calls it a night. Nick’s left to assure his sister that he won’t let Adam win; he’ll defend his actions in court if arrested.

Returning to the penthouse, Adam ignores Chelsea’s call. He’s not answering, she tells a persistent Connor. You’ll see him first thing tomorrow morning. Why did Dad stay away so long? Did he pretend to be dead because he didn’t want to be my Dad anymore? No, Chelsea reassures – your Daddy will be over the moon to see you. After an unconvinced Connor wanders off, Chelsea heaves a sigh.

Chelsea calls Nick to relay telling Connor that his Dad’s alive. Now, he’s desperate to see Adam. Need back up? Nick offers. Chelsea appreciates that but both know it’s not a good idea. Hopefully, Adam acts like the Father Connor remembers. Nick hopes so for his sake – but don’t expect it. After she hangs up, Connor comes out to pout. We’ll see your Dad no matter what – tonight, Chelsea’s rewarded with a hug.

Mariah and Kyle watch on the sidelines as Lola dances with Tessa. Devon gets a text – and with a kiss has to go take care of some business. Aside, Abby’s chatting with Traci (as Nate’s quiet) Summer brings out the worst in me but now I’m going to enjoy the party. Drink anyone? My niece sure is something, Traci smiles as Abby scurries off to the bar. She sure is, Nate doesn’t look enthused. Jack gently scolds Summer and warns that Theo’s looking for trouble and can’t be trusted.

As Kyle twirls Lola around on the dance floor, Nate whines to Elena about Abby; he doesn’t know what’s going on and doesn’t feel comfortable asking. Elena advises Nate to back off a bit – give Abby some space. If she doesn’t miss you, it’s her loss. Follow my lead, she takes him to the dancefloor. A glum Summer’s not feeling it – no one’s socializing with us. Agreeing to leave this dead party, Summer pauses to watch Kyle and Lola dance – then giggles when Theo scoops her up and carries her out.

Mariah takes photos of Tessa and Lola. Look how happy she is right now, Kyle’s made a decision – he’s going to fly to Miami to convince Celeste to come. Jack insists – he won’t come back without Lola’s Mother.

Adam answers the door ready to be rude to Chelsea – then falters – Connor. Dad! You’re really here, Adam hugs his son and invites him in. What happened to your face? Just a little accident, Adam’s fine. No, he’s fantastic being with Connor again. Neither can believe this is real. Connor may have grown but assures he still is his Dad’s l’il peanut. One thing hasn’t changed, Adam gives Connor another hug – I love you so much. Over their sons’ shoulder, Adam and Chelsea share a weepy look.

Summer’s wonders which bar they should hit next when the elevator stops – can I not have any fun tonight? she whines. We can have fun right here, Theo kisses her troubles away.

As Tessa takes a break from dancing to kiss Mariah, Abby approaches Nate – assuming he’s going to take her home. He already offered to take Elena home; he’ll text her tomorrow. Uh yeah, sure – have a good night, Abby works to keep her smile in place. See? What did I tell you? Elena crows as she and Nate walk away. Lola and Kyle sway in one another’s arms on the dancefloor. Both had an incredible but the wedding will be the most incredible day of your life, Kyle promises with a kiss.

At Society’s bar, Nick’s not feeling any better. He hates the idea of Chelsea taking Connor to see Adam. Vikki thinks the goodwill gesture might refocus Adam (who was a good Father to Connor) Nick worries Adam will only be more motivated to go after custody of both boys.

Catching his Dad up, Connor prattles on; he’s in the third grade and likes soccer and baseball – Lionel Messi’s the bomb. When Chelsea calls an end to the visit, Connor begs to stay the night. Chelsea finally relents – but if you’re staying, I’m staying too (an idea that doesn’t displease Adam)