Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Mom! Connor runs into his Mom’s arms (at Nick’s) I missed you so much, Chelsea hugs him tight as Anita smiles in the background.

As Sharon arrives on the club’s rooftop patio to admire the decorations, Mariah’s fretting to Tessa that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to invite her Mom (without telling her the party was co-ed) This could blow up in my face. Sharon walks over – what makes you think you could pull this off? Huh? The decor. Sharon came early to help decorate but sees there’s no need. The girls are gonna love this.

Rey ends a call and leaves CL’s as Billy bumps into him as he rushes in. You OK? Getting no reply, Rey exits. Billy takes a seat to pull out a stack of books on communicating with ghosts; visions and voices in his head.

At the apartment, Kyle’s a bit nervous about Lola inviting Summer to the party they’re headed to soon. She’s part of our lives, Lola lists the reasons why. And, there’ll be plenty of people there to defuse any tension. With a kiss, Kyle unzips Lola’s outfit – how do you feel about being fashionably late?

Hello gorgeous, Theo meets Summer on the CL’s patio. Appreciating the invite, Summer’s glad to hear that his issues with Kyle are behind him. Theo will behave himself and hopes Kyle does the same – or he’ll knock on his holier than thou butt. With a kiss and a mischievous look, Theo opes the door and follows Summer out.

I’m too old for that, Connor squirms out of his Mom’s too-tight bearhug and goes into the kitchen for a snack. Chelsea thanks Anita for bringing Connor so quickly – how is he? OK – but you’re throwing a lot of changes at him, Anita warns.

Back on the rooftop, Mariah has something to tell Sharon (who interrupts and assuming her help’s needed, goes to check on the bartender) ‘Rey’s coming’, Mariah says too quietly and too late. Abby and Nate arrive, followed by Devon and Elena (all four hitting the dance floor immediately) Excusing herself, Mariah leaves Jack and Traci to head off Rey (who thanks her for inviting him) I thought you were very good for my Mom, Mariah’s about to issue a warning when Sharon appears. What are you doing here? she and Rey ask in simultaneous surprise.

Taking a look around, Sharon notes that there’s a lot of men at this bachelorette party. Mariah’s so sorry – she decided to throw Kyle and Lola one big party. Yes, she’ll leave Sharon to talk to Rey. Maybe you’ll get back together – maybe not. Rey wonders if Sharon would have brought Adam if she knew it was co-ed. Refusing to ruin the party her daughter worked hard to put together, Sharon walks off.

On the dancefloor, Devon does a dance in honour of Nate’s new yard; the lawnmower, then the sprinkler. When Nate leads Abby over to a photo station, he picks out a frame that says ‘Happily Ever After’. Too soon – Abby chooses an ‘Agree to Disagree’ frame.

One thing was bound to go wrong – now it’s smooth sailing, Tessa’s optimistic. Wishing the bride and groom would show up, Mariah calls ‘strike two’ and makes a beeline to scold Summer for crashing yet another event and bringing ‘him’. Theo was just leaving, Kyle comes over to glare menacingly.