Friday, August 9th, 2019

At Society, Phyllis loves what she’s looking at (on Abby’s tablet) It’s sleek, modern – perfect for The Grand Phoenix; a great place to see and be seen. Theo sits down (as summoned by Phyllis) to express surprise that Abby’s up so early after last night. What happened last night? Phyllis asks (as Abby squirms and gives Theo the evil eye)

Looking around nervously, Chelsea’s on the phone with Nick (who admits that he worried about her last night) Bringing Connor to the penthouse was the right thing to do; for him and Adam, Chelsea believes. What about you? Nick asks. Chelsea hangs up in a hurry when Adam comes down with Connor (who’s amazed that his Dad couldn’t remember his own name but could play poker – maybe that’s your superpower) Connor sent to the kitchen, Adam thanks Chelsea for the visit – and raising an amazing kid. She thinks Connor and Adam could be good for each other. Adam won’t mess this up and vows to put Connor first. Chelsea agrees to spending the afternoon together; a movie and ice cream. Just like old times, she smiles.

At the office, Victor picks up a folder Vikki left out for him but suddenly becomes unsteady and weakened. Gasping and teary-eyed, he slumps into the chair behind the desk, looking the exact opposite of the young, strong man in the portrait he looks at helplessly.

Receiving more praise and gratitude (for giving Adam this chance instead of fighting him in court) Chelsea reciprocates. Knowing Adam has always been a good Father, she’s sure he wouldn’t want to put Connor in the middle of a custody battle any more than she would. We don’t need judges and court orders, Adam thinks this could be a new chapter for the three of us. Chelsea will always do what’s best for Connor. Good – because it’s obvious to Adam that what Connor needs right now is his Father. Let him live with me.

Abby’s there to discuss the opening, not Theo’s drama (how he makes his living) Phyllis wants to know what happened and what Summer had to do with this. Forget I said anything – but Theo’s said enough to pique Phyllis’ curiosity. Reading something Summer posted online, Phyllis isn’t impressed to hear about last night’s altercation and not sure she wants to be in business with someone as unprofessional as Abby. She also doesn’t want a catfight at her opening. Tell that to Summer, Abby snaps. Hold off on that – Theo thinks the best scandals make the best openings.

Sorry. No time for proofreading etc. today. Have a nice weekend.

Couldn’t stay away huh? Finding Victor behind his desk (recovered and reading) Nick comments that Vikki’s doing a great job. Both are impressed by her decimating Dark Horse and reestablishing NE’s real estate division. Victor’s surprised by who helped Vikki pull off this coup. No, not Phyllis – you. Care to explain yourself?

Chelsea’s happy that Connor and Adam bonded but he needs his Mother. And his Father – this is his home (not Nick’s) You’ve had him long enough – it’s my turn. Adam wants to be Connor’s full-time Father (Chelsea can see him whenever she wants) At the mention of Christian, Adam vows he’d never do anything to hurt either of his boys. You tried to implicate me in Calvin’s death, Chelsea reminds. You were willing to let me go to jail. Accusing Adam of using Christian as a weapon against Nick, Chelsea won’t let Connor be used that way.

You really think I’d hurt Connor like that? Adam looks hurt. Chelsea’s seen what he’s doing to Christian. I’m Connor’s Mother, I know what’s best. When Adam threatens to go to take her to court, Chelsea chuckles – bring it on. You’re a con artist. With no criminal record, Chelsea snaps back. As for ‘dead, rich’ Calvin, she loved him. Please, let’s not turn this into an ugly fight, Chelsea’s trying to reason with Adam when Connor comes out. Be good to your Mother, I’ll see you soon, Adam promises his son with a hug.

Vikki did the Dark Horse deal on her own, Nick states. Yes, but you turned her down when she offered to return the properties. Nick wasn’t proud of the way he acquired those companies or the reason he did it. He no longer wants to live a life based on revenge and anger. Confirming that their ‘slate’ has been ‘wiped clean’, Nick sits to ask about the side effects of his new treatment. Victor changes the subject – and hearing that Nick punched Adam (and why) regrets bringing Adam back from Las Vegas and must take action to resolve this. How? It’s best you don’t know, Nick’s told.