Friday, August 9th, 2019

Back at Nick’s, Connor whines – he wants to stay at his Dad’s, not Nick’s. What is there to ‘process’? How can he trust that his Mom’s doing what’s best for him when she knew his Dad was alive and didn’t tell him? Chelsea stammers – it’s complicated. No, it’s simple – you’re trying to keep us apart, aren’t you? Chelsea blinks back tears.

At the elevator, Devon welcomes Adam to the building with a handshake. We’ll get along just fine as long as you’re a good neighbour. After a bit of double-speak about trusting one’s instincts over gossip, Adam has a business proposition for Devon.

Calling Theo out on his hypocrisy, Abby tries (and fails) to steer the conversation to his alteration with Kyle. Enough – Phyllis sends Theo off to check on the ‘deets’ – see you back at Dark Horse. Abby won’t apologize to Phyllis – Summer shouldn’t even have come to Lola and Kyle’s party. Make no mistake, Phyllis is (like Theo) on ‘Team Summer’. Perhaps the Naked Heiress peaked too soon and is jealous that Summer’s a young, beautiful up and coming influencer. She’s a clone posting vapid selfies while I’m building an empire – and it’s not Abby’s fault that Phyllis raised a self-centred narcissistic brat. Phyllis can’t be in business with someone who has no respect for her. And no, she doesn’t seem to be grateful that Abby’s giving her this chance – so walks out.

Chelsea knows this is hard – she’s just doing what’s best for Connor. You’re too young to understand. Dad should get a vote too, Connor wants to be a family again. Why don’t you want that Mom? Connor – my man – you’re all grown up, Nick comes in for a hug. Connor stands up – guess I know why my Mom doesn’t want anything to do with my Dad. Nick and I … whatever Chelsea’s about to say is interrupted. I don’t care! Connor sulks off.

Nick’s not sure Chelsea should go talk to Connor – he’s been through a lot and might need some space. Connor loves his Dad and wants to spend time with him, Chelsea couldn’t say no to last night’s sleepover. It went great (for Connor and Adam; who had his bedroom all set up) Adam has no clue about kids. To be fair, Chelsea can’t deny the bond he shares with Connor. She even saw a glimpse of the Adam she remembers. In the background, Nick does NOT look happy.

Lots of memories for you here, Adam says as Devon looks around his Dad’s old penthouse. He was sorry to hear about Neil passing. He’d probably think a boutique hotel would be a great acquisition for your company. Yes, The Grand Pheonix Hotel. Devon knows Abby’s excited about opening a lounge there. But why not sell it to Phyllis? The same reason YOU didn’t give her a loan – too risky; no one in GC wants to do business with her. If you want the hotel, it’s yours. Devon thinks it over.

On the phone, Victor doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Just make it happen. No, YOU don’t understand; my grandson’s future is at stake. You got it? ~click~

Abby’s in Victor’s office – that’s great news – it’s a miracle (all tests indicate that Victor’s improving) He credits ‘the good doctor’; a nice man; good character. You approve of our relationship, Abby assumes (but isn’t sure where things stand after last night) Knowing Victor will hear about it eventually, Abby tells him that she and Summer argued at the club. Victor isn’t surprised that two strong women would argue. But he IS surprised to hear that Abby’s working with Phyllis.

At Dark Horse, Theo and Phyllis are going over ideas for the opening. She needs him to get along with Abby and doesn’t need to be schooled on anybody in this town. She was on to them when he was drinking from a sippy cup. As for The Grand Pheonix, she has a plan to own the whole damn thing. When Adam arrives, Theo leaves Phyllis to ask who put the smile on Adam’s face. My son. Not Christian, Connor. He’ll never take being a Father for granted again. Needing a bit more time to get the funds to buy the Grand Pheonix, Phyllis is stunned to hear that Adam offered it to Devon.

Don’t let Adam fool you, Nick warns. No worries on that account – any goodwill Chelsea had for Adam was obliterated when he said it was his turn to raise Connor. He’s not old enough to handle the truth. She can’t tell her son that the dead Father she built up as a hero for years is really a dangerous sociopath? She can’t make Adam a monster in Connor’s eyes – especially if he can be a good Father to him. Perhaps we can compromise. Chelsea’s running out of options here – I can’t lose my son. Wiping away her tears, Nick wonders if she’s going to run again.

Abby knows exactly what her Dad thinks about her going into business with Phyllis (she can’t be trusted) but she knows what she’s doing. No offence, but if I can work with you I can work with anybody. Victor’s advice? Don’t ever turn your back on Phyllis. How about advice on working with Adam? No, Victor just has regrets (on bringing him back to town)

No, Phyllis doesn’t have the funds to buy The Grand Phoenix yet. That’s why Adam went to Devon – he has plenty (but hasn’t agreed to the deal) Phyllis folds her arms – even if this goes through with Devon, Dark Horse has nothing and you’re just a guy living in a tower, on a pile of money. And two sons who’ll soon be enjoying the view from the top with me, Adam crows.

You’re going to take Connor and run? Nick sighs – he couldn’t really blame Chelsea this time. He’s thought of doing the same thing with Christian. Chelsea won’t run – Connor wouldn’t understand. She can only hope that Adam’s love for Connor is stronger than his hate for the world.