Monday, August 12th, 2019

Lola’s not having cold feet – she’s baking because she’s so excited (and needs to calm herself down) As for what Rey can do to help – ask Kyle. She’s only in charge of her dress but has total faith that her groom’s arranging the most romantic wedding.

Elena’s off for a run when Phyllis stops by the penthouse. When she asked Devon for a loan to buy The Grand Phoenix, he said it wasn’t feasible. Now he’s in talks to buy the hotel. What changed? Phyllis wants to know.

Anita understands why Connor stomped up to his room (at Nick’s) – his heart is broken because his parents aren’t getting back together. Chelsea changes the subject – she knows her Mom’s up to something (something she was about to fess up to the other day)

Soccer ball in hand, an impatient Adam types angrily on his phone. The reply sends him marching out of the park.

At home, Vikki expects Adam to respond to the message in person. When he does we’ll be ready, Billy reassures with a hug.

Did Devon tell Phyllis he wasn’t interested in TGP because he planned to cut a deal with Adam? No, Devon thought her proposal ‘lousy’ (and the project risky) He passed on the whole thing. Phyllis suggests he flip the building – sell to her and make a quick buck. You have no money, Devon reminds. Phyllis tears up – this building is a way to redeem herself. When she brings up Neil, Devon thinks it disrespectful of her to exploit his dead Father’s memory for profit.

Never mind his break up with Sharon, Rey’s happy to see his sister happy. Lola’s helping to plan the honeymoon (a beach bungalow in Somoa) Listing the activities, she’s excited. Rey’s happy she’ll be seeing some of the world ~hug~

Yes, you have done a lot for me – that’s why Chelsea’s suspicious of her Mom rejecting a million dollars – with no reason. Anita wants to do the right thing. Chelsea’s not buying it – you didn’t even ask how much I inherited. Darryl told her. When Chelsea vows to get to the bottom of it, Anita admits that Calvin left her a little bequest of her own.

Chelsea’s sceptical that Calvin left Anita anything. OK, she didn’t technically inherit anything – she’s been safeguarding some assets. Calvin had some complicated enterprises – not exactly legit. He kept the proceeds in storage. Basically, the papers Chelsea signed were fake. Anita and Darryl took half of Calvin’s estate. No, just the shady money – Anita took an incredible risk for Chelsea’s sake. Furious, Chelsea orders her Mother out of her sight.

Phyllis didn’t mean to disrespect Neil; she’s sorry. This project is so important to me – it’s been a tough year. Devon agrees – but honestly, he doesn’t want to work with Phyllis (based on her relationships with past employers) The answer is ‘no’.

Football in hand, Adam figured he’d visit his son at Vikki’s (since he’s sick) Christian’s sleeping, she claims. Billy thinks it would be a bad idea for the child to wake up to Adam’s busted up face. Thanks for understanding, Vikki’s amazed when Adam takes ‘no’ for an answer and leaves. It’s a temporary solution, she knows – but every day she can keep Adam from Christian is a victory.

Packed up and ready to return to Baton Rouge, Anita hopes Chelsea will change her mind. You chose money over family – I was ready to share Calvin’s estate with you but you chose to conspire with Darryl, Chelsea’s doesn’t want to hear it – just go.

Having a great time at the park with all three kids, Vikki tells Billy he can go to the office; Nick’s on his way. Seconds after Billy leaves, Adam shows up.

Phyllis is at Society to apologize to Abby. What part of ‘I’m busy’ isn’t clear to you? Abby snaps. She’s having second thoughts about their partnership. Phyllis has so much respect for Abby. Oh? I didn’t ‘peak too soon’? Abby reminds. Phyllis lays it on thick – she wants to work with the gutsy and creative Abby (who’s weirded out and wonders what’s really going on)

Vikki’s distracted looking for wet wipes as Christian and Johnny toss around a football. When Adam appears to chat with Christian, he runs off. Adam must have followed me! Vikki tells Nick when he arrives. He and Adam are arguing when Vikki calls out – she can’t find Christian! Both men leap into action.