Monday, August 12th, 2019

Lola serves Rey her baked goods. Whaddaya think? Mmmm, Rey can really taste the cinnamon (obviously way too much) No, Lola hasn’t heard from Mom. Both again blame themselves. Maybe she’ll change her mind. Kyle’s Dad’s gone to Miami to try change her mind. Rey thinks that nice – but what if she brings ‘Adrian’ as her plus one? Lola then picks up an envelope – from her Father. Why would he write to you after all this time? Rey wonders.

Back at Society, Abby wonders why Phyllis is being so nice to her. Phyllis believes they can accomplish great things together. OK, Adam’s furious with her because she did something amazing for Nick. No, Phyllis wasn’t fired (exactly) Adam put The Grand Phoenix up for sale. A chain will buy it and turn into a cookie-cutter hotel. She fears Abby’s lounge won’t happen unless she buys TGP herself.

All running around the smallest park ever, Nick enlists Elena’s help. When Adam spots Christian hiding in the bushes, he’s told to ‘go away’.

Taking a seat on a park bench, Adam apologizes for scaring Christian before. He was just so excited to see him. Does that ever happen to you? Christian pokes his head out and is soon learning another soccer trick. Nick shouts – Christian! Come out where I can see you!

Rey busies himself in the kitchen while Lola reads a letter from her Father. On the eve of her wedding, he wishes her and Kyle the best and doesn’t share her Mom’s concern. If Lola’s fiance passed Rey and Arturo’s scrutiny, he must be special) Your Mother and I decided not to reconcile after all. Some things aren’t meant to be. He understands why Lola doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle but it would give him great joy to watch his daughter get married. If not, he’ll be there in spirit. Your loving Father, Adrian. When Rey comes over to ask if she’s OK, a weepy Lola says ‘I honestly don’t want to do this’.

Phyllis continues her pitch. She can run the day to day while Abby handles the creative vision. One problem – Abby doesn’t trust Phyllis. You talk a big game. Finally persuaded, Abby will buy TGP from Adam and maybe keep Phyllis on as manager – under one condition.

Darryl appears at Nick’s (let in by the housekeeper) Anita told me to bring you a peace offering. Chelsea looks into a duffel bag full of money.

What does Rey think? He thinks that Adrian has a lot of nerve – you don’t owe him a thing. Lola agrees – she told Mom she’d call the wedding off if Adrian showed up. But, she now knows how it feels to be shut out (Celeste isn’t taking her calls) Will it be a slap in the face to Mom if her Father’s there and she’s not? It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants, Rey encourages Lola to make whatever decision’s best for her. It’s your wedding. Do you want Adrian there or not?

Abby’s condition – Phyllis has to have some skin in the game. She can’t be the only one taking a financial risk. Phyllis agrees to 20% and is told to come up with it within a week. Then, come find me, Abby gets back to work.

Darryl has a revised, more agreeable (and not ‘fake’) document for Chelsea to sign. She gets the 5 million already transferred to her account, the contents of the storage unit, Calvin’s properties and cars. The only thing excluded is the expense of selling these things (if Chelsea chooses to put them on the market) Darryl watches eagerly as Chelsea signs. The money in the bag might need to be washed, he adds. Chelsea then gives Darryl a suitcase of money for him to share with Anita. Safe travels.

We’re over here, Adam calls out. Your Dad’s looking for you, Elena arrives to tell Christian. Daddy! he exclaims when Nick comes over to scoop him up. See you, buddy, Adam calls out as Nick thanks Elena, ignores Adam and whisks Christian away.