Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Ashley’s at the house to iron out some last-minute details with Jack before he goes to Miami. He had some errands to run, Abby informs. Her Mom’s surprised – he knew I was coming; must have been something important.

Jack claims that he’s at NE to ask Vikki if the kids are coming to the wedding reception. You could have called her, Victor’s suspicious. He then takes a quick call. Hmmm – when? I understand ~click~

Knock knock. Adam Newman? You’ve been served. Opening the envelope, a furious Adam calls Mike. There’s a restraining order against me. I can’t visit Christian. No, I won’t ‘calm down’. You need to fix this now!

Now home, Elena update on the incident in the park. With Adam across the hall, she appreciates Devon’s concern. We can thank Nate for that, he adds. On cue, Nate calls to ask Elena to meet him at CL’s. About what? Devon wonders. Elena’s not sure – guess I’ll find out.

Good morning – Kyle pours himself coffee then is surprised to hear that Lola’s Father wants to come to the wedding. Has she made a decision? Yes, she has.

Lola didn’t think she wanted to hear from her Dad – but his words brought up a lot of feelings; not all of them bad. It’s so messed up. Kyle supports whatever she decides. Rey, Arturo, Mom, the Abbott’s are my family – Lola will focus on the future, not the past with a man who disappointed her. Promising never to disappoint her, Kyle hugs his worried bride.

After Elena goes to meet Nate, Adam comes out to ask Devon if she’s home. He wants to get her take on what happened yesterday. Elena’s not home but Devon would be happy shed some light – your place or mine?

For someone who knows his way around the building, you can’t seem to show yourself out, Victor spots Jack loitering through his office door (left ajar) OK – Jack is there to check on Victor (and sympathize with Nick’s situation)

Ashley’s concerned about Abby taking on such a big challenge (the hotel and Phyllis) but is thrilled that her daughter is dating Olivia’s son. Not so fast – Abby’s not sure where things stand (but will be fine either way)

At CL’s, Nate updates that Abby’s text him a few times – he’s been too busy to reply. But, that’s not why he called Elena – there’s an opportunity at GCM and you have a real shot at it.

Seated across the desk from Victor, Jack lectures/encourages him about making amends with his son. There’s always room for hope. Victor doesn’t see Adam in the same league as Kyle of any of his kids. He’s drowning, Jack asks Victor to throw him a lifeline. Victor won’t choose Adam over the rest of his family.

In Adam’s penthouse, Devon makes it clear that he’s to leave Elena out of his custody battle. I’m not the bad guy, Adam whines about the restraining order, Vikki lying about Christian being sick, Christian going missing and Nick coming along to whisk him away. Devon’s not buying Adam’s ‘poor me’. I DO know what I’m talking about – you can listen to me or I can leave.

General surgery resident, Elena doesn’t know what to say. Nate explained that she dropped out of her last residency because her Mom died. The staff speak highly of you and the director wants to meet. Perhaps the universe is sending Dr Dawson a message. Nate understands it’s a big decision – take time to think it over. Elena’s already decided.

Lola and Kyle are being fussed over by Ashley and Abby when Jack comes home. They’re looking for a new name for the merged companies. Suggestions? After a few names are tossed out, Kyle reminds that Jabot’s a family business. No other name will ever feel right. Ashley and Jack agree – Jabot it is.