Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

His overnight bag packed, Kyle reassures Lola that he’ll only be away from her for one night. She didn’t know he was superstitious. Maybe he’s bolting. OK, something is wrong – Lola’s nervous. You’re stuck with me forever Kyle vows with a kiss – nothing can stop us now.

At Society, Summer’s having a good hair day so hopes Abby doesn’t dump another pitcher on her tonight. You’re in the clear, Theo coaches a bit on being an influencer. He doesn’t want to discuss Phyllis or work – how about that after-party in the elevator? Well, there’ll be no more of that unless Theo tells Summer what secrets he’s keeping for Kyle (about their parties in New York)

Tessa and Mariah are at CL’s chatting to Sharon about the party Mariah wishes she’d warned her Mom was co-ed. What video are they watching? A cameraman from GC Buzz recorded Tessa’s song for Lola and Kyle; a nice wedding gift. Assuring Mariah that she doesn’t need to keep apologizing, Sharon goes to serve coffee on the patio and runs into Rey.

Sharon pours Rey some coffee and invited to join him, talks about Tessa’s video (that includes all the photos Rey provided of Lola as a child) Faith? She’s doing well. Rey’s sorry he didn’t talk to her before moving out. Sharon’s taken care of that – Faith understands. Sharon ‘owns this’ – she should learn not to have men move in only to have it fall apart. Rey reports that Jack went to Miami with hopes of bringing Celeste back for the wedding. Rey’s changed his mind on Kyle but is nervous that Lola will have her heart broken. Not Sharon – she still believes in love.

Sorry. No time for commentary, proofreading etc.

Kyle has to go run some errands that Lola can’t come along for. No, he won’t spill any details and yes, he has to go. Does Lola’s mood have anything to do with her Mother? Kyle’s optimistic that Jack will succeed. He’ll call Lola from the poolhouse later. No, it’s OK – she can manage one night without Kyle. With another kiss and I love you’s, she’s left to look worried.

Yes, Summer DOES want to know what Theo’s hiding about Kyle. No, she won’t let it go. OK – one stroll down memory lane coming up, Theo caves in.

Commenting on his Mom taking his Dad back, Rey admits that his family doesn’t have a good track record for picking mates. Not taking that as a ‘dig’, Sharon’s sure both Lola and the wedding will be beautiful. Love and hope, she’s optimistic.

When Lola arrives at CL’s, Mariah and Tessa are surprised that she has pre-wedding jitters (and worries that all the drama at the party is a bad omen) The girls offer reassurance – you’re going a little crazy.

Over drinks, Theo confides that a party girl got wasted at one of their parties. Flashback to him and Kyle getting her into a car to take her to the hospital. Kyle checks her ID for her name and realizes she’s underage. What do we do now? Theo looks back from the driver’s seat. What did you do? Summer asks.

Looking inside, Sharon tells Rey that Lola’s talking to the girls and probably just has pre-wedding jitters. No need to go hover (but you know best) You’re right, Rey thanks Sharon. Yes, he’s ready for tomorrow (except for his own pre-wedding jitters) Sharon’s sure he’ll do fine. You were supposed to be there with me, Rey really thought things would be different. Sharon did too – she’s working hard to understand herself, her life and how she got here.

Kyle’s at the outdoor wedding location. It looks great – thanks – see you tomorrow, he tells the work crew – then is left alone to look around.

You’ll still be you after marrying Kyle – but change is growth, Mariah and Tessa believe in fate. It’s normal to be nervous? Lola continues to fret. Mariah thinks it might be time to face it – sometimes things can be perfect. Lola likes the sound of that – perfect.

Back at Society, Summer thinks having a passed out, underage girl in the back seat of your car is a disaster. What did you guys do? Flashback to Kyle suggesting the girl’s stomach needs pumping. Both worried about getting in trouble, Kyle agrees to Theo’s suggestion of leaving the girl at the emergency department. Just drive! That’s cold, Summer disapproves. There’s more, Theo admits. The next day, Zoe’s Father came to threaten arrest for endangering a minor. Theo freaked out but Kyle knew just what to do.

Summer thinks it sleazy that Zoe’s Father took a pay off after his daughter could have died. Theo concludes that he and Kyle toned it down; checked ID’s of party guests. Then Kyle left NY. Summer thinks Theo should be grateful that Kyle kept them out of jail. How is the truth an attack? Theo hates that Kyle’s trying to erase his past. No, he’s trying to erase you (because you threatened his relationship) Adults move on – you should try it. We’re done here, Summer leaves.

I love you guys, Lola’s in a happier place and grateful for all the good things that have happened since she came to GC. Tessa and Mariah wipe away tears. We love you too ~hug~

Summer finds Kyle ‘not obsessing about chair placement’. Yes, he wants it to look perfect for the woman of his dreams. Summer’s genuinely happy for him. Kyle hopes she comes to the wedding. Not as just a life-saver – but as a lifelong friend. No, Theo won’t be with Summer. She doesn’t trust him – watch your back. You and Lola are meant for each other, she says in parting.

Earbuds in, Tessa and Mariah are watching the video one more time when Theo pops up asking to listen in. Giving him a hard no, Mariah and Tessa are at least grateful that Theo trashed the party instead of the wedding (which seems to give him an idea) New York misses you – maybe you guys should reconnect, Mariah quips as she and Tessa leave Theo to look like he has something in mind.

As Kyle continues to adjust the decor, Lola comes along – wow – this is perfect. You made my dreams come true. Sorry, I should probably go. Not now, you have to stay – and with a click on his phone, Kyle turns on lights and music. Dancing with her soon-to-be groom, Lola looks every bit the glowing bride.

Lola and the girls are gone – the coast is clear, Sharon updates Rey. Refusing to take payment, she remembers saying that his coffee would always be on the house. At least let me comp you this – for old time’s sake. Rey will take it. Good luck tomorrow, Sharon’s sure the wedding will be lovely.

The song over, Kyle comments that the next time they dance it’ll be as husband and wife. This is so much better than a fairy tale, Lola promises never to leave Kyle ~kiss~ Last dance and last kiss – before a million firsts. Seeing ‘all of this’ tomorrow will be like the first time, Lola promises. Reluctantly and slowly, they pull away; lips, hands, then fingertips.

Still at CL’s, Theo’s looking at Zoe’s faceplace page on his phone; another idea begins to form.