Friday, August 16th, 2019

Here’s something new. Since I’m late (by 24 hours!) I’m updating the recap as I watch the show. I’m 15 minutes in and therefor only a few paragraphs in. Be warned, there will be no proofreading. Refresh the page every 10 minutes to watch/read along with me (thoughts, if I have any, included) Or come back in about an hour. When I’m done today’s episode, I’ll watch and recap yesterdays. Because my life is just that exciting. I wasn’t going to watch yesterday’s but can’t resist a good wedding. My apologies for the delay!

I’m not sure where this outdoor wedding is taking place just yet – but the entire flower section of the prop department has been dragged out and pinned up. Celeste (looking stunning) takes Rey aside to discuss an issue – your Father’s here. No, she didn’t invite him and asked him to leave. He’s over there, she tattles. I’ve got this, Rey walks over. There’s my boy and no, Adrian won’t leave without seeing his girl – are you going to arrest your old man on his daughter’s wedding day?

Abby, Mariah and Tessa join Lola in the bride’s tent (yes, a tent) to touch up her make up. Kyle’s asked to leave – until Celeste appears for a word with her daughter. Now Kyle’s to stay – his new Mother in law needs to get a few things straight.

Chatting with the Abbott siblings, Vikki and Ashley engage in some corporate rivalry. Team Abbott is stronger than ever but Newman Cosmetics can hold it’s own. Billy’s protest was outvoted (and he’s real pissy about it) Chasing after him, Vikki asks what’s gotten into him. Billy just needs to get out of here (wherever here is)

Adrian’s only crime is wanting to see his daughter – Rey should lighten up. Is there a problem here? Arturo pops up. When the hell did you get here? (and what is on your face?) Rey doesn’t look happy to see Arturo and his beard either. Are you two going to team up on me? Adrian’s cocky – this should be good.

Celeste’s sorry for misjudging Kyle – you and Lola are clearly in love. What more could a Mother want? Yes, she’s giving her blessing – better late than never. Thank you Mama, Lola and Celeste share a hug.

Theo emerges looking every bit the cartoon villain. Even more cartoonish, Phyllis does her best Cruella DeVille impersonation. Informed that Theo has an unpleasant surprise in store for the groom, Phyllis tells him to carry on – and sashays off with champagne in hand.

Rey updates Arturo that he’s trying to get rid of Pops before Lola sees him. This day is about my little girl getting married, Adrian denies he’s there to take credit for Lola’s happiness. The decision’s hers. Annoyed when Arturo agrees, Rey scowls as Adrian waltzes off. He’s not going to tell Lola that her Father’s here – he’s buying a bit of time to figure out how to get rid of him before she sees him.

Celeste whispers a word to Mariah – who then takes to the stage to ask all to put their hands together to welcome Mr and Mrs Kyle Abbott. As all applaud, Summer scowls. Beside her, Phyllis does her sarcastic Nancy Pelosi clap. Summer’s face twitches as the Abbott family rejoices. Aside, Billy tears up – he’ll never walk Delia down the aisle. Stay, he tells a sympathetic Vikki that he just needs some time alone.

Lola greets Arturo – so pleased that her self-declared favourite brother made it. You and Rey are both softies under those thick skulls (and that beard!) All the people Lola loves are here. What is Arturo looking at? Abby – now that she’s onstage to announce the newlywed’s first official dance. Missing the chance to warn Lola, Arturo’s left to look around nervously.