Thursday, August 15th, 2019

At CL’s, Kyle ignores a call and then a text from Theo – Today’s your big day bro. The end of life as you knew it. Any final wishes?

As birds chirp outside, Abby’s ‘glam squad’ touches up Lola’s hair and make up as they chat with Mariah and Tessa in some sort of gazebo/tent. Lola’s already seen the wedding decor that Kyle must have tapped her every wish and dream to create. The four ladies toast to love, laughter and happily ever after. Cheers.

Dressed and ready to leave for the wedding, Vikki chats with Nick on the phone – everything’s set up for today’s supervised visitation (supervised by Monique of course) A distracted Billy flashes back to finding Delia’s creepy doll in his bed. Of course he’s OK – never better.

Traci and Ashley are thrilled to have so many reasons to celebrate; the wedding, Traci’s book, Abby’s success, the merger – the Abbott’s are truly unified. There he is – Kyle, what’s the matter? Is it Lola’s dress? If it were only that simple, Kyle snaps as he marches through the living room.

At CL’s, Phyllis suggests a superhero movie marathon or retail therapy, a spa and/or tattoos. Summer was thinking of something more ‘radical’.

In her satin robe, Lola’s grateful for her three best friends (who return the love) And now it’s time for something super important.

No, it’s not the ceremony. Kyle can pull this fantasy wedding off with his eyes closed – it’s the marriage part he’s not sure he’s able to provide the most wonderful, extraordinary woman to walk the earth. Lola deserves the very best. Near tears, Ashley and Traci agree – and that man is Kyle.

Phyllis will always have her daughter’s back – but this? Summer thinks that going to Kyle and Lola’s wedding is the right thing to do. Phyllis remains sceptical but agrees to be her plus one.

Mariah has something old for Lola – a ‘perfect’ antique purse. Abby has something brand spanking new; her Mother’s new fragrance that doesn’t even have a name yet. Tessa hands over something blue – a garter. One more – something borrowed – earrings. No tears – Mariah can’t recreate whatever the ‘glam squad’ did. Group hug.

Traci and Ashley give Kyle a pep talk; listing all he and Lola have lived through. How to make it last forever? Take it day by day. Marriage takes commitment – meet challenges head-on. Choose being happy over being right. Learn to forgive. Remember that you chose each other. Talk to each other – listen to each other – create memories and traditions. Do you love Lola? With all my heart, Kyle’s in tears – she’s everything. Tell and show her that every day, his Aunts advise. Group hug.

Devon and Elena, Billy and Vikki pull a curtain aside to admire what Kyle’s done with the park. Meanwhile, the trio of ladies converge in the corner as Rey and Lola have a touching talk. She knows her big brother sacrificed so much to basically raise her ~hug~

Kyle arrives with his Aunts to chate with Nate and Devon etc. As he goes to talk to the priest, Elena jokes with Nate then updates Devon that he and Abby are definitely on. Jack arrives to pull Kyle aside. Seems he has exciting news to share.

Lola? Mom? Rey chuckles as Mother and daughter hug.

Celeste wouldn’t miss her baby’s wedding. After she hugs Rey, apologies are exchanged along with mutual praise and tearful sentiments. Abby comes in – let’s get this show on the road. Lola then invites her Mama to walk her down the aisle with Rey (as they’re the two people most responsible for her making her the woman she is today)

At the altar, Kyle quietly thanks his Dad. Both look over as Phyllis and Summer take seats hand in hand, chins held high. Taking her spot, Abby’s distressed to see the pair but is all smiles again as Lola comes down the aisle flanked by Rey and Celeste, who darts away to tell Adrian that he has a lot of nerve showing his face here. As the priest begins, Adrian remarks that he wouldn’t miss his daughter’s wedding.

As the ceremony proceeds, Adrian admits he’s made mistakes – but how beautiful is our daughter? She doesn’t want you here – respect my daughter’s wishes. As Celeste returns to her seat, Adrian peeks through the curtains. Kyle and Lola repeat simple vows that include audience participation (not including Summer and Phyllis)

Kyle and Lola look deeply into one another’s eyes as they exchange vows, hen rings. Summer looks devastated; Celeste ecstatic. Adrian continues to watch from the wings. The priest doesn’t even get to finish ‘you may now kiss the bride’ before Kyle pounces – much to the delight of the gathered guests (except Summer)