Monday, August 19th, 2019

‘My lucky day’, Adrian comes into CL’s to order something ‘hot’ (and flirt outrageously with Sharon) What the hell do you think you’re doing?! a furious Rey comes in to forcibly drag his Father onto the patio.

At the park, Adam’s amused by ‘breaking news’ on his tablet. A special election is taking place today. Mike Baldwin’s running for District Attorney – unopposed. You’re welcome, he chuckles.

Is it close? On the rooftop deck, Lauren wonders why Mike’s nervously checking his phone for election results every few minutes (since no one’s running against him) She too is surprised that Mike wants this DA’s job so badly and suspects it might have something to do with Adam.

Mike admits that Lauren’s right (in a way) This does have something to do with Adam. If elected DA, he won’t be able to represent Adam. Something about Mike’s relationship with Adam feels very ‘off’ to Lauren. Both wish he had something to say that’d make her feel better. After a brief chat with Phyllis and Summer (who’ve just come from voting for him), Mike’s summoned back by Lauren. Holding up his phone, she stage-whispers; it’s the Mayor. That leaves Phyllis to heap praise on Summer for handling the wedding so well.

The sea is aqua, the sand white – the wind gently billows sheer curtains as a fan turns lazily above Kyle and Lola’s bed. Honeymooners gonna do what honeymooners do.

On the CL’s patio, Rey interrogates Adrian – don’t you have a job to get back to? Adrian’s between gigs; happens to the best of us. Rey then questions his Father’s motive for attending the wedding; suspecting it’s more to do with Lola marrying into a rich family than any fond feelings towards the ‘baby girl’ he had no interest in raising. You’re here to cash in, he’s blunt. Rey sees right through Adrian and will not let him hurt this family again.

** No time for spellcheck today. Happy birthday to me and all that.

Poolside, Phyllis asks about Theo. Since Summer has no idea who Zoe is and why Theo brought her to the wedding, she’ll look into it. Summer doesn’t want to talk about the wedding or Theo.

Mike thanks the Mayor – together we can do great things for this city ~click~ Lauren’s pissed – what are you hiding from me? Are you trying to protect me? She knows Mike can’t break client/attorney privilege but why did he take Adam on as a client then run for DA? She, she believes it’s connected – to Kevin as well. What aren’t you telling me?? Mike can’t talk here and can’t go elsewhere. He has big donours to thank – and here they are. Lauren fumes as Mike jumps up (and into politician-mode as he shakes hands and thanks ‘folks’ for voting for him) Adam arrives to watch and smile.

Still in bed, Kyle and Lola admire wedding photos on his phone and discussing how great it was – how great they are. How great Jack is (for convincing Celeste to come) And then there’s my Dad, coming uninvited. For once her brother’s overprotectiveness was appreciated.

Adrian didn’t want to leave his family – your Mother threw me out! he whines to Rey. And who are you to judge me? Your wife’s having a baby with your brother. Oh you bastard, Rey lunges. Here comes an assault, followed by an assault charge. Making a timely arrival, Celeste sends Rey inside (where he assures a nosey Sharon that he’s fine)

At the rooftop bar, Adam congratulates Mike (and takes credit for him being the newest DA) When the bartender serves Mike his drinks, Adam puts a hand on his chest to stop him. Not so fast. Phyllis watches with interest.

Not subtle at all, a ‘paranoid’ Mike takes Adam aside – tell me you didn’t contribute to my campaign. Not officially but he persuaded Mike’s opponents not to enter the race. Keep your distance, Mike warns. Adam just wants to toast Mike – to your long and illustrious career. Here, here, Phyllis comes along. – am I intruding? Not at all, Mike walks off. That leaves Phyllis to thank Adam for selling Abby The Grand Phoenix. She got the job she wanted for a fraction of what she’d have paid Adam. Mike hustles Lauren out – not even trying to hide that Adam’s the reason for the quick exit.

Fangirl Zoe comes along to introduce herself to Summer. You’re the reason I went to the wedding (seems she follows her on social media) She bought this necklace after Summer posted online about it. She’d hoped to talk to Summer last night but then things got weird. Summer looks confused/interested.

Rey and Arturo want to take my head off and Lola didn’t want me at her wedding, Adrian suspects Celeste turned the kids against him – what did you say to them? That they inherited the traits she loved (and now lists) about their Father. I’m still charming, he takes her hand across the table and kisses it – and loving. Let’s grow old together, help raise our grandchildren. You’re not a family man, Celeste has accepted that – it’s time Adrian did too. Rey eavesdrops like a five-year-old sitting on a staircase.

Back on the rooftop, Adam appears to put Phyllis’ drink on his bill. She’s spending the day with her daughter. Must be nice being close to your kid, Adam looks over at Summer as she chats with Zoe then gripes about Victor getting a restraining order to keep him from his son. That’s amazing, good for Victor, Phyllis crows.