Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Jack’s at Vikki’s to discuss Billy lashing out at Ashley. Yes, he confided in me about his nightmares and obsession with Adam and I betrayed him by mentioning it in front of Ashley, Jack can see that Billy’s struggling. That’s why we left the wedding last night, Vikki reports that Billy couldn’t bear the thought of not walking Delia down the aisle. She’s relieved to be able to talk to Jack about what Billy’s going through. Perhaps he doesn’t want to see a therapist because, on a subconscious level, he wants to continue having these nightmares to feel closer to Delia.

Phyllis takes a seat across from Billy at CL’s – you’re the last person I expected to get a text from. She doesn’t blame him for not trusting the cutthroat Ashley but knows (from experience) that Billy’s a match for her when it comes to revenge. He knows she’ll never forgive him for sleeping with Summer – even after he gave Phyllis an ‘investment’. Why did you want to see me? she asks, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Devon treats Ana like any other employee; with honesty and respect. As for Mariah, Theo’s free to talk to her about working UNDER her, that’s cool – but talking behind her back isn’t. Theo’s sorry – he meant no disrespect. Thanks for the job offer. Devon wonders why he’s interested in working at Power Communications. Theo sees it’s true potential and how he can integrate everything he’s involved in. Plus, he has personal reasons for staying in GC and would like to make his base there.

On the rooftop, Jack leaves a message for Ashley then stands to greet Celeste (who again thanks him for convincing her to come to the wedding) Updating that Adrian ‘took another run’ at her, Celeste wants a man who treats her as well as Kyle treats Lola. Jack understands – forgiveness is often the hardest choice (which he’s had to do with Phyllis and Kerry etc.)

Still in the park, Sharon admits that she cares for Adam so allowed herself to fall into old patterns. She thinks him too fixated on settling old scores to move on with his future. Adam sees the love he and Sharon shared as unique and powerful. It was deep and passionate, but too explosive to maintain – it flamed out and ran its course. Adam disagrees – listing all he’s lost he could let everything else go if Sharon came back to him. No, this isn’t a twisted ultimatum; he’s not manipulating her. Give in to your feelings, he persists.

Hearing that Phyllis slept with Jack’s brother, Celeste can only hope her sons get past the same issue. She’s learned her lesson on smothering and hovering so will return to Miami soon. Arturo and Mia will need her help with the baby.

Theo approaches Mariah at the rooftop bar. Shouldn’t you be working? Mentioning the one client PC lost, Theo claims that he’d love to work with Mariah. He was just talking to Devon about it. Aren’t you an eager little helper, Mariah looks unimpressed.

Sharon doesn’t know what to say to the man who loved and protected her during a dark time in her life – but also the man that lied and caused her a lot of pain. Adam knows he’s flawed but that’s part of the reason he and Sharon work so well together. He’s not trying to pressure – think about it. Be honest with yourself and you’ll have your answer, Adam leaves her to think.

Back at CL’s, Billy wants to know what’s going on with Adam. Phyllis doesn’t know and why would she tell Billy if she did? She and Adam had a business falling out but she has her big girl pants on. He’s dangerous, Billy warns – and you’re complicit. Why are Adam and I the only ones who get labelled and judged? Phyllis is pissed at the double standard; Kyle screwed over her daughter, Nick gets a pass for impersonating JT and everyone forgets that Chelsea stole from Fenmore’s and put Sharon in the hospital! I’m the one who holds a grudge? You called me here about Adam, Phyllis reminds. Don’t ever compare me to him – he killed my daughter and has never paid for his actions, Billy feels it’s long overdue. That’s not a threat, it’s a warning that she might end up as collateral damage.

Sharon’s in deep thought at the park; Adam’s words echoing her head.

How exactly should we work together? Mariah asks. Theo suggests they open lines of communication and see what happens. He can make calls to his friends etc. OK – this is a big company, Mariah could use some backup. The only experience she has is hosting a TV show. Theo thinks Mariah great at certain things – he can fortify her in areas she’s weak and use his experience to fill in the gaps. So, that’s what you said to Devon (seems Mariah’s tricked Theo and thinks he should focus on his own company before PC takes it over) Thanking Theo for the idea, Mariah tells Summer ‘he’s all yours’s’ as she exits the rooftop. Wow – looks like you’re losing your touch, Summer quips.

Also on the rooftop, Phyllis tells Adam that she’s got the money to buy 20% of The Grand Pheonix. You’re buying a minority stake in Abby’s company, you’ll have no power, Adam warns. Victor appears in the background as Phyllis shares her plan to take over from the naive and inexperienced Abby. I’ll squeeze her out.

Phyllis leaves a message for Chelsea – she wants to discuss something that could be mutually beneficial.

Summer won’t be sweet-talked after the stunt Theo pulled at the wedding. It wasn’t a stunt, it was a gift for Kyle. Zoe’s well and doesn’t hold a grudge. He knew Summer would tell Kyle; that’s what makes us a great team. You get bored as easily as I do and want revenge against Kyle too. I know what you need and it was very satisfying, Theo’s cryptic. It feels good to blow things up, doesn’t it? ~kisss~

Victor’s made a beeline to Society to warn Abby of what Phyllis told Adam. Abby’s not surprised or worried and has structured the hotel deal accordingly. Victor wonders why she’d want to work with someone who’s undermining her. Abby will enjoy the hell out of being the boss from hell and is surprised her Dad isn’t on board (this is right out of your playbook) Phyllis is dangerous and toxic – she almost sent Nikki and Vic to prison to save her own skin. Smiling, Abby’s been given a lot to think about.

Sharon’s in front of Adam’s door when he opens it to smile triumphantly.