Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Phyllis coaches herself to be sweet and charming – I’ve got this. Chelsea, she calls out with a smile; so good to see you. Were you waiting long? Chelsea will order scalding coffee to arm herself. She thinks Phyllis’ invite reaks of desperation.

At NE, Nick’s pleased to see his Dad’s in good health. Thanks for pulling strings and getting the restraining order against Adam.

Sharon’s at Adam’s penthouse to tell him that she ‘can’t’ marry him. You didn’t say ‘no’, he beams as if she said ‘yes’.

Lola and Kyle run in soaked from a sudden rain shower. Oh, whatever will they do with themselves? ~kiss~

You want to marry me but something’s preventing you, Adam wants Sharon to be honest – you want us to be together. Who or what is keeping us apart? Sharon’s feelings about the whole Christian/Nick thing. If she agreed to marry him, she fears Adam would see that as permission to continue his destructive ways. Sharon loves herself and her kids too much to backslide. Adam knows she loves him – or she would have called or sent a text.

In bed with Kyle, Lola’s in bliss – no phones or screens of any kind. She’s OK with not going snorkelling. Next time – we have the rest of our lives, Kyle’s equally besotted. He can tell their future – it goes something like this … Dream sequence of Abby announcing that Society has been awarded a Michelin star. Nice but Lola pictures a different future. Kyle can’t wait to hear it.

Phyllis tries not to look impatient as Chelsea slowly puts sugar in her coffee before joining her to ask – Why am I here? Phyllis has the perfect opportunity for her inheritance. The inheritance you accused me of killing my husband for? Undeterred, Phyllis pitches her luxury hotel. Yes, she’s asked everyone else. Do this to honour Calvin’s memory and give Connor a legacy, Phyllis will give Chelsea a day to decide. The Grand Pheonix will change your life – clock’s ticking.

Who in this world do you love? Adam asks Sharon – aside from her kids. Who loves you deeply and could give you the world – makes you feel cherished and wanted? You give so much of yourself, catering to everyone else – so much of your time and energy and get nothing in return. Sharon won’t apologize for caring about and helping other people. But when do YOU get to live the life you deserve? Adam implores – Listen to your heart – listen to mine. Say yes. No, Sharon came to make it clear to Adam that she’s happy with her life as is – she doesn’t want a life with Adam.

Now alone at CL’s, Chelsea leaves a message for Nick (whose brain she needs to pick before making a decision on Phyllis’ proposal)

Adam beats a dead horse – denying our connection won’t make it go away. Our relationship is complicated but it’s not wrong. Sharon disagrees – it’s chaotic and toxic; she can’t live like that. No, we’re not alike. You felt it when you were in my bed, Adam knows she wants to make that ‘mistake’ again and again. He believes Sharon’s just better at hiding her dark side. What’s stopping you? Nick – you don’t want my brother to know how you feel about me. In tears, Sharon’s jaw drops.

Again thanking Victor, Nick invites him along to visit Christian later. Victor would love nothing more.

Chelsea’s now seated at Society with Abby. No, she doesn’t want to lend Phyllis money for this once in a lifetime opportunity – she wants to replace her as an investor. Abby’s not in need of money – she’s looking for someone to manage the hotel while she focusses on the lounge. Chelsea would love the job. Abby can trust her; she wants a fresh start for Connor and herself – to be the Phoenix rising from the ashes. She’s not worried about Phyllis’ reaction – do we have a deal?