Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Vikki comes home wondering why Billy didn’t pick Johnny up from daycare. Tell them I’m on my way – Billy was preparing for a stupid Jabot merger meeting. No, he’s not still thinking about Delia or having nightmares – and no, he’s not going back to the therapist. Wanting to help in any way she can, Vikki will pick Johnny up. Thank you, Billy gives her a quick kiss and exits.

Sharon’s puzzled in the park. Marry you? On what planet … ? She made it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with Adam. Those were just words; he hears what’s in Sharon’s heart – you want to be the good girl who dates a cop – don’t hide who you really are and what you really want. What makes you so sure I want you? Sharon asks.

Theo’s outside Devon’s penthouse when Summer sends a selfie of her and Zoe. Free later? I have questions. With a smirk, he replies – have a lot going on. Not sure when I’ll be free.

Seated at the head of a table at Society, Jack states the obvious; they’re there to discuss the merger of Jabot/Abbott Exchange. Ashley can’t wait to hear Summer’s ideas (as part of the marketing/influencer team) Taking a break from bickering with Abby, Summer’s so distracted with her phone she ignores the comment.

With Ana gone, Devon’s summoned Theo over to offer him a full-time job at LP. Theo’s flattered but being more of an ‘image builder’, thinks he’d be a better fit at Power Communications. In what capacity? Theo knows that Mariah’s in charge – however …. However what? Say what’s on your mind, Devon invites.

Summer talks about sending top influencers to brick and mortar stores to interact with customers; live stream demonstrations. Abby adds on – we can tease ads for the new company. Ashley likes it. Billy arrives to gripe that it’s too early to talk social media strategy – the merger hasn’t even gone through yet. We need to pump the brakes. He doesn’t doubt that the merger makes sense – it’s Ashley he has doubts about. After Abby and Summer flee in separate directions, Billy continues to lash out at Ashley – people don’t change (he expects her to stab them in the back again)

Billy doesn’t trust Ashley and doesn’t think Jack should either. Ashley knows she made mistakes – but she’s not the only one; you decided to shred the patent documents. When Jack wonders if what Billy told him the other day is bothering him, Billy reminds that he confided in confidence – and now Jack’s on the list of people Billy can’t trust. Now left only with Jack, Ashley wonders if Billy’s gambling again. He could jeopardize this merger – you need to fix this.

** If you haven’t guessed already – no proofreading or spellcheck today. No time. **

Back at Devon’s, Theo likes Mariah and thinks her enthusiastic but she’s still ‘green’. She was a talk show host and focusses mostly on Tessa. If he had the job, Theo wouldn’t play favourites. Devon stops him right there – if we’re going to work together, there’s something you need to know about me.

Phyllis is surprised when Summer rejoins her on the club’s rooftop to show her Theo’s text. Why do you care if he’s really busy or not? You broke up with him yesterday, she reminds. Summer explains that Thoe brought Zoe to the wedding to mess with Kyle. She’s actually a nice girl. Phyllis warns Summer that if she wants to see Theo again, she’s to do it on her own terms.

Did Chelsea turn you down again? No – Adam’s over wanting to put his family back together. He and Sharon have a stronger connection; deep and undeniable. You couldn’t stay away. Sharon hurt someone she loved because of Adam. He doesn’t want to waste time and doesn’t give a damn what other people think. He’s unafraid to admit his feelings. Sharon should be too.

You don’t know what those years were like for me. After Adam ‘died’, Sharon got to a low point she wasn’t sure she’d recover from. Adam doesn’t judge her for things she’s done – he understands. Sharon gained a new purpose and became a better Mother. She worked hard to give Faith a safe, stable home and so, regrets what happened with Rey. No, she’s not being too hard on herself. Sharon felt herself backsliding again soon after Adam came back to town. Adam doesn’t judge Sharon for lying about Christian being hers and not Sage’s (and that she had to go through that alone) He wants to start a new life together. Words are so easy to say – the truth is more complicated, Sharon knows. Adam disagrees – the other night, when we were together was as simple as it gets. The other night was a mistake in Sharon’s eyes.