Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Victor will have lawyers look at Adam’s paperwork – he’s serious about his threats. He’s just pretending to give up on Christian. The Newmans all remember that Adam was a kinder person before the explosion. Victor guarantees he’s not finished.

Back at CL’s, Elena and Nate discuss a patient – then his relationship with Abby. He’s playing by her rules – we’re just two people hanging out (and he seems to be fine with just that) Nate’s called back to GCM – Elena gets a message from Devon. She won’t forget that she owes Nate dinner (who’s left smiling)

Surprised to find Billy at home, Nick and Vikki update him on their meeting (and Adam crashing it) After Nick goes up to see Christian, Billy’s short with Vikki – who wonders when he started chewing gum. Not up to being analyzed, Billy storms off to work.

Ester will make a big Italian feast then movies (which she takes Bella off to pick out a DVD) Kevin and Chloe are left to chat about how everyone will react to her being alive. An optimistic Kevin’s thanked. Standing by Chloe was no ‘sacrifice’ ~kiss~ As they go to see what movie’s been picked for tonight, Billy lurks outside chewing his gum.

You hid it well, but Nikki’s not as easily convinced as the kids – the encounter with Adam must have exhausted Victor. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix, he’s fine. After all they’ve been through, Victor won’t hide anything from Nikki. She’s not so sure.

Your Father’s an ass and your ex is a bitch, Phyllis arrives at Adam’s to vent. He doesn’t give a damn. What if Phyllis offered to be on his side? He’d think it a last-ditch attempt to salvage what’s left. Yes, he knows Phyllis lost the TGP deal and can’t help but think it hilarious. And when Phyllis lists the Newman’s who screwed her over, Adam’s in for a Newman bashing party. He’ll even provide the champagne and first toast.

Help me Daddy – help – I need you, a little girl’s voice chirps. What do you need? Billy asks into thin air. Stop Adam or I’ll never be free, says Delia’s voice in his head. I will, a teary-eyed Billy promises to take care of her. Can I see you? Turning, he sees ‘Delia’ and without a word goes to hug her. Mommy! Bella cries out. Chloe rushes into the living room to ask Billy what’s going on.

Elena’s home to brush off Devon’s questions – she’d rather thank him for the amazing breakfast (with a kiss) And finally, off comes the lab coat.

To mutual animosity, Adam clinks Phyllis glass. She puts it down without taking a sip and demands he be himself (someone as hateful as she is) We can let it eat us up or motivate us – Adam plans to bury his family; take away everything. Phyllis is very good at burying things. Adam heard she sucked at it. She sucked the first time – but Phyllis has improved. I’ve upped my game. This time Phyllis drinks after they clink glasses.

Back downstairs, Nick comments that Billy seemed a bit off. He’s been like that for weeks, Vikki confides about his insomnia and nightmares. It all started when Adam came back. She worries Billy won’t be able to survive much more. he doesn’t seem to want her help dealing with this. Billy’s smart, he’ll realize how lucky he is to have you, Nick reassures.

Sending Bella off with Kevin, Chloe gives Billy what details she can and asks if he’s OK. Yes – he just came by to grab some papers. Sorry – he didn’t mean to scare Bella. Chloe thinks Billy got a scare too. If you need anything …. I’m good, Billy lies. Now alone, he pops another piece of gum into his mouth and chews as he stares.