Thursday, August 23rd, 2019

Let’s go, Chelsea exits the rooftop quickly. Lingering a moment to look disgusted at the sight of Sharon clinging to Nick, Adam also leaves.

I shouldn’t have done that, Sharon eases away from Nick with a sheepish smile.

Seated at Society, Celeste thanks her son for meeting her and pressures Rey to hear Arturo out. Full of regret, he has a lot he wants to say before going back to Mia before the baby’s born.

Strolling through the park hand in hand, Mariah’s determined to succeed at Power Communications. Tessa’s not having a great day either – she’s nervous about working with a new producer. Mariah has an idea that’ll help them both.

Arriving at CL’s, Lauren gushes over Mr District Attorney. Oh, how proud she was to witness Mike taking his oath. Victor appears with sarcasm – he doesn’t believe that Mike being DA is best for everyone; it all depends on how he decides to wield his new power.

Sitting with the Baldwins, Victor scoffs at Mike’s ‘platitudes’ (that he’ll ensure justice for GC’s citizens and serve the common good) You dropped Nick as a client and took on Adam – what does he have over you? Victor then basically warns Mike that he’ll be making a mistake if he continues to choose Adam’s side. Nice to see you, Lauren – but it’s ‘Mr District Attorney’ he’s glaring at before exiting.

Back at Adam’s penthouse, Chelsea denies being bothered Nick hugging Sharon – she’s not with him. No sex? Adam suspects she’s conning him. No, we’re taking things slow and no, it’s not ‘boring’. Now it’s Adam’s turn to deny he has feelings for Sharon. We can’t have you showing a vulnerable side, can we? Chelsea knows she hit a nerve.

Sharon’s embarrassed that she threw herself into Nick’s arms. He didn’t see it that way and doesn’t think she was making a move on him. It kinda felt like old times. No worries – Sharon won’t turn to Nick every time she’s upset; she respects that he’s in a relationship with Chelsea. Nick isn’t in a relationship with Chelsea and gives Sharon hope that he wants to be in one with her.

Arturo really wants to make things right with his brother. He’s sorry things didn’t work out between Rey and Sharon but is sure he’ll find the happiness he deserves (as he has with Mia) Rey was hurt by Sharon but insists he’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me – I’m the big brother, Rey’s more friendly.

Adam doesn’t deserve the faith you put in him, Nick doesn’t feel he deserves the same chance Sharon got. He made you question the person you are, Nick wants her to see Adam for who he is. Stay away – we’ll all be better off. Sharon misses her friendship with Nick. He does too.

Chelsea wonders what Adam said to Sharon that drove her into Nick’s arms. You think she’ll realize you’re the only man for her? she scoffs. Adam’s denial that he’s jealous of his brother just makes Chelsea even more sure that he’s in denial.

Mike can’t tell Victor (or anyone) that he became DA to keep Adam in check (lest he end up on Adam’s hit list) He’s a loose cannon, Lauren does trust Mike but has questions (which she’ll hold off on as she promised) Mike loves her for her patience and has to go – duty calls. He’s off to see a Judge about a warrant. Love you, he repeats – then pauses dramatically at the door to think for a moment before leaving.

Celeste is happy for all of her kids and is sure Rey’s future will be a happy one. Get the guest room ready, she jokes with Arturo – who hugs Rey and agrees to send him a photo of the baby. After Arturo leaves, it’s clear that Rey was putting on a happy face (and Celeste knows it)

At the park, Nick hugs Christian. I miss you too but I’m here now so let’s have fun.