Monday, August 26th, 2019

Straightening his tie, Chelsea understands why she can’t go to court with Nick (she might set Adam off) It should all be over soon – Christian will be home where he belongs.

Sitting in the park, a troubled Adam flips through photos of Christian on his phone.

Home from their honeymoon and wearing matching shirts, Kyle carries Lola through their front door. What have you done? her jaw hits the floor.

Theo joins Mariah at Society to request a do-over. It’ll be lucrative to work together. OK – Theodore, dazzle me, Mariah’s listening.

Britney should be here by now, Nick frets. On cue, Summer leads the lawyer in. They then give Chelsea a moment to give Nick a pep talk. Let’s do it, he leads the charge.

Theo’s pitch sounds a lot like Mariah doing his job for him. She doesn’t need to prove herself to Devon. But OK, give me two people off your people-with-potential list. You choose, Theo hands over his tablet. Scanning, then selecting two candidates, Mariah thinks Theo better get on it; since both are in Chicago. Exiting, Theo looks excited by the challenge.

Chelsea’s surprised to bump into Adam at CL’s – you need to get to the courthouse. No, I don’t, Adam looks unconcerned.

Lola loves the new sofa and pillows her amazing husband has surprised her with. Waiting for the AC to kick in, Kyle’s sent out for a couple of hours so that Lola can prepare him a surprise in return.

Adam dropped his suit and doesn’t need to waste his time going to court. If Nick wants his son back so badly, he needs to do the rest. Help him and Christian, Chelsea’s plea falls on deaf ears.

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In the hearing room, the annoyed Judge will have to move on to his next case if Adam doesn’t show up soon. When Nick hands his phone to Summer, she steps aside to talk to Chelsea – who must speak to Nick; it’s important. The Judge insists on speaking to Adam (who might have been coerced into dropping his suit) Chelsea says Adam’s not coming, Summer informs. This hearing is cancelled, the Judge announces.

Theo arrives at the park as he ends a call with Zoe (whose brand he wants to help build) Oh, look – it’s married, boring guy, he crows. It’s too hot to fight, Kyle isn’t happy to hear that Zoe’s still in town. She’s coming to TGP opening. Are you jealous? Drop this game or you’ll be sorry, Kyle warns. Theo’s pleased to see his old friend is back (then strolls away)

Despite Britney having prepared a case, the Judge won’t hear it unless Adam attends. Summer tears up and almost earns herself a contempt charge as she defends her Dad. We’re done here, the Judge won’t budge.

Just go tell the Judge you’re dropping the case – Chelsea suddenly realizes that it’s too hard for Adam to give up his dream of being a Father to Christian. You’re not just using him to hurt Nick – you want to see your son grow up. Nope – Adam doesn’t give a damn about Christian; he’s nothing more than a means to an end, he leaves Chelsea wondering.

At the park, Kyle and Summer chat. She’s upset about the hearing and he’s upset about Theo. She knows all about Zoe but will never tell anyone – including Lola. But Theo might. Kyle hopes not. No, he has no intention of telling his wife.

When Theo rejoins Mariah with the two candidates she chose, Mariah warns them that they’re being played – get out while you can. Theo laughs – you almost had me there. You should have seen the looks on your faces, Mariah loosens up and jokes with the young ladies. Shots? Why not – 4 shot glasses and your finest Tequila, she calls out.

The Judge has concerns about Britney’s client. Nick doesn’t care if he’s charged with contempt – he will be heard; for his son’s sake.

Kyle comes home to a baseball-themed evening. She recorded all four Brewers games while they were away. Best surprise ever, Kyle sits down with beer and popcorn – the AC rattling in the background – to report that he ran into Theo but no details (or mention of Summer)

Salut! Mariah, Theo and the two ladies drink shots and talk about building their brands. Zero in on what you like – be authentic with your base – Power Communications will make your careers explode. It’s a lot to take in, the ladies need time but are excited (as is Mariah)

Tessa and Summer arrive at Society at the same time – as the two influencers giggle their way out (glad they ordered a car) They’re then surprised to see Mariah and Theo drinking shots and high fiving.

No sooner has Chelsea brought Connor to the park when Adam shows up. Connor’s been working on his soccer footwork and is glad that his Dad wants to spend time with him. When he goes to get his video game ‘console’ from the car, Adam thanks Chelsea. She thinks he’s given up enough (Christian)

Refusing to keep his mouth shut, Nick blathers on about all he’s missing doing with his son. Christian’s been shuttled around to many times – I gave him the stability he deserves. Adam woke up and did the right thing. Keeping my son from me is wrong. The Judge takes exception to being insulted. Nick cries as he describes his perfect little boy. Let him come home.

The ACs blowing nothing but hot air, Ky;e complains. But never mind that – Brewers win!! The game over, Kyle whisks his new wife off for a refreshing shower.

After takes a tipsy Theo off to the club, Tessa expresses surprise at finding him and Mariah being all chummy. I have him exactly where I want him, Mariah clearly has a plan. Outside, Theo suddenly sobers up and tells Summer that he has Mariah right where he wants her. They both wave as Theo leaves with Summer.

Back at the park, Chelsea praises Adam for doing ‘a beautiful thing’ – showing you’re an amazing Father. That’s what Connor thinks too. She knows he’d never hurt him. Adam has a lot of regrets but won’t let his past touch Connor. Chelsea wants Father and son to be close – there’s good in you. Someone else saw the best in you (she pulls out Hope’s monogrammed handkerchief that she was planning to give to Connor – you give it to him instead) Thank you, Adam hugs her. He’s happily playing video games with Connor when Billy shows up to glare.

Daddy! Christian runs into his Dad’s arms on the CL’s patio. Are you sad? No – he couldn’t be happier. You’re coming home with me for good ~hug~