Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Nick’s chatting with Billy at his sister’s place. Both are glad Victor’s keeping Adam away from Christian – via restraining order and just one look at the park. Vikki comes down – both she and Nick have been summoned for a meeting with Victor.

Abby and Nikki run into each other at CL’s – they too are on their way to NE to see what Victor has to say. Adam eavesdrops.

In her white lab coat, Elena comes down to find that Devon’s prepared a huge breakfast spread – and has scheduled a couples massage later ~kiss~ Someone better have a good reason for ringing my doorbell, Devon gripes. Nate’s there to drive Elena to GCM. Your timing could be a bit better, Devon’s clearly a bit annoyed.

Mike’s with Kevin and Chloe in an interrogation room; both in handcuffs and babbling. Chloe doesn’t care what happens to her – but for Bella’s sake, don’t take Kevin from her too. Mike whistles for silence – it’s his turn to speak.

Mike hisses that the only reason Kevin’s under arrest is because he was stupid enough to punch the DA in front of cops. He’s furious but not pressing charges – and Bella’s with Ester. He’d never hurt her (or Kevin or Chloe) By the time the news gets out that Chloe’s alive, things will all have changed – for the better.

Their breakfast done, Nate teases Devon for not giving him energy bars for work. He grins as Devon gives her a kiss – have a great day at work. This is it, Elena pauses to say as she follows Nate out the door.

At NE, Victor warns the family to prepare for anything Adam might do in retaliation. Vikki and Abby will both have their IT guys on alert for cyber attacks. Nick suggests they all keep an eye on their personal accounts. Victor’s pained that they have to take precautions against his own son. On cue, Adam walks in to say they should lower their voices lest people find out the Newmans are going against one of their own. You’ll never be one of us, Nick scowls.

Mike has good news for Kevin and Chloe – here’s what’s going to happen. In a few minutes, the police officer outside will take Chloe to a courtroom – her lawyer will claim that she didn’t know Adam was in the cabin when she torched it. Her arson will be attributed to mental instability. Mike will play hardball but recommend probation and therapy – you’ll be out today. Despite the handcuffs, Kevin and Chloe manage to hug Mike (who’s reward will be the satisfaction of screwing Adam over)

Adam’s not there to cause trouble. In fact, he brought a peace offering. Nick snatches the folder Adam hands him – he’s dropping the custody case – you are Christian’s Father. What’s the catch? Victor asks.

No strings – Adam’s just doing what he feels is best (for Christian) No one believes him – it’s not like you to play nice. He’s not playing nice – he’s doing this out of love for Christian. Things are about to get ugly with the rest of the family (who stand by Nick) You’re not a loving, caring family – Adam will expose the rivalries and resentments of the Newman family to the world. You’ll never see it coming, he warns. Good luck to you son, Victor says before Adam exits.

How was your first day? Exhilarating and exhausting, Elena updates Nate at CL’s. She tells him all about her tough supervisor. You’re practically glowing. Nate would take her out to dinner to celebrate if he wasn’t on call. I owe you dinner for getting me into this residency, Elena counters. GCM’s lucky to have you, Nate replies.

Back at the Chancellor estate, Chloe and Kevin thank Mike. The gag order he got won’t last long – people will know you’re alive. Watch out for Adam. Don’t make me regret this. We won’t, Kevin promises. After Mike leaves, Ester comes out to give Chloe a weepy welcome home hug.

Chloe’s out on bail so doesn’t need to hide anymore. We’ll make up for last time, she promises Ester (who’s sure Mrs C and Delia are up there smiling) We’ll make this house a home. Not without us, Kevin appears holding Bella’s hand. Mommy’s home, she hugs her daughter.