Thursday, August 23rd, 2019

Sharon didn’t just run away from you – she ran to Nick. It’s killing you that he’s still standing despite your attempts to bring him down. His family loves him because he’s a good Father, son, friend etc. He doesn’t make everything a competition. Suing for custody will hurt Christian – just like asking Connor to move in with you. Trying to control people just pushes them away, she blinks back tears – you’ll never earn love that way. Also emotional, Adam’s left to mull that over.

Mariah’s idea has been implemented; she and Tessa are lounging on the rooftop deck and admiring photos of the wedding on Tessa’s phone.

As Monique shadows them, Nick surprises Christian with a visit from Grandpa Victor. All smile as they toss around a ball.

When Sharon comes to CL’s, Chelsea wastes no time confronting her on hugging Nick. Why are you so worked up? Sharon accuses her of pretending to be in mourning. Back and forth it goes as they argue about which one of them is a threat to Nick.

Mike’s at the station to chat with Rey – we’re on the same team now. His first order of business is an arrest warrant to be handled discreetly. Are you sure? Rey flips through the pages in surprise. I’m on it (and it looks like Mike will wait until his bidding is done)

Mariah’s blames the wedding for making her sappy. She and Tessa are ever so happy. We’re not perfect but we’re perfect for each other ~kiss~

Sharon’s no danger to Nick. She’s not the one who brings the drama (you gave me a scar on my head) You moved in with Nick before your husband’s body was cold. He’s the only one who understands me. Our history with Adam and Nick is a bond we share. In the spirit of twisted sisterhood, Chelsea thinks there’s something Sharon should know.

As Nick takes a photo of Victor and Christian, Adam watches; annoyed to see the three having fun in the park.

Chelsea sits Sharon down to give her a heads up – Adam saw you hugging Nick. He seemed hurt, wounded. He wants to believe you’re denying feelings for him. Sharon’s reaction makes Chelsea realize that she does care about Adam more than she wants to admit.

Adam continues to watch Nick and Victor having a great time with Christian. Spotting him, Victor silently gestures for him to leave. With a nod, Adam does so.

Kevin comes into the station to sucker-punch Kevin. How could you betray me and destroy our family!?

A distraught Chloe’s handcuffed to a chair in an interrogation room.