Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Chelsea joins Adam and Connor at CL’s to hear all about their awesome day. Wish I could stay with Dad longer, Connor pouts. Adam handles it as a good Dad would – stick to the agreement; your Mom misses you too. He’s even picked up some treats for Connor and Chelsea to take home. This visit meant a lot, Adam quietly tells Chelsea – especially after what he gave up today. See you soon, he gives Connor a hug and a thumbs up as they exit. Nick then appears to let Adam know that the Judge granted him full custody of Christian today. Adam hopes his actions were appreciated and they can now discuss what comes next.

At Society, Abby shares the good news (about Christian) with Devon, Elena and Nate – and now let’s celebrate Dr Dawson’s new residency, all clink glasses. Last but not least, they toast to The Grand Phoenix. The boys pretend to pout – they have nothing new to report. Grinning, Abby has a surprise for them.

At the Chancellor Estate, a perspiring Chloe moans – oh yeah. Kevin’s holding the tiniest fan to her neck. Mrs C would approve of us living here; the sound of Bella laughing. They then discuss Billy – both are concerned with his state of mind.

Wearing black gloves and chewing his gum, Billy lets himself into Adam’s dimly lit penthouse to snoop around until he finds Hope’s monogrammed handkerchief (which he takes and exits quickly)

All enjoying her new signature drink, Abby leaves Devon to ask about Elena’s workday – then cuts her off and excuses himself to take an important call. That leaves Nate and Elena to chuckle about dating non-doctors.

Kevin doesn’t think it a good idea that Chloe go talk to Billy – you need to lay low. After all the chaos Adam’s caused, Chloe won’t let him ruin Billy’s life again – not if she can help it.

Yes, Nick really does need Adam to spell out what’s expected of him now. No, he won’t drop the restraining order – unless Adam will drop his plan to bring down the Newman family and live in peace. When Adam agrees to continue to abide by the restraining order, Nick says ‘good’ and leaves his brother to take a call. What? When? I’m on my way.

Now home, Billy fiddles with stuff in his pocket (though it’s too dark to see what)

Adam’s on the phone as he presses buttons on his alarm pad – he’ll run a test but it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the call, he hangs up and looks suspicious.

Billy assumes Chloe’s dropped by to discuss what happened yesterday with Bella. He’s sorry – it won’t happen again. He didn’t expect anyone to be there. Chloe’s still in hiding but took the risk to let Billy know she understands – I’m here if you need to talk.

Nick and Christian are both thrilled that he’s back home to stay. Chelsea and your cousin Connor are here, Nick adds. On cue, they come home with pizza. After the boys run off to wash their hands. Nick and Chelsea hug. He’s so happy to have his son home.

Devon and Elena pass on dessert but thank Abby for a great evening and leave her and Nate to spend more time together; since, unlike Elena, he has the morning off.

After pizza and video games, the boys attempt to stay up longer fails. I bet Dad would say yes, Connor whines – but would rather go to bed than clean up all this mess. Nick bets that he and Chelsea can beat the boys upstairs (they can’t – because the boys cheat)