Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Billy’s talked to Vikki and a therapist – it hasn’t helped. He’s a wreck thanks to insomnia and nightmares. Chloe’s alarmed to hear that Billy hears Delia asking him to save her from Adam. Our daughter is at peace, she hates that he’s tortured. Don’t go down that rabbit hole or try to even the score. You need serious help. Find another therapist – or yoga, religion, meditation etc. Taking your rage out on Adam will make things worse for you, not him – accept and make peace with what happened. Billy doesn’t believe for a minute that Chloe has.

Nate’s really digging Abby’s new drink. Should it be exclusive to Society or served at TGP too? she asks. Nate loves seeing her so passionate. ‘Adam’, she gets up to scowl. Coming in peace, Adam thinks Abby will be glad he stopped by once he tells her the reason he did.

Chelsea’s poured two glasses of wine. Cheers, she clinks Nick’s glass. Both are happy the boys have bonded. Nick watched Christian sleep for a while – to take it in. He couldn’t have made it without the support of Chelsea and his family. She has good news too – Connor’s visit with Adam went well. And he couldn’t have been more respectful when she went to pick him up. He wants to earn my trust again. Nick heard the same thing regarding Christian (but still believes Adam a threat) Chelsea’s eyes are wide open but she’s grateful for today. We have a lot to celebrate, Nick won’t let Adam derail that.

Chloe has no choice but to put her rage towards Adam aside. She’s ending the vicious cycle – for Bella, Kevin, Ester, Mike. She won’t disappoint them again and won’t blow her last chance. Adam’s not worth it. You can come through the other side of this too, she encourages Billy. No, it’s not ‘easy’ but it’s the only way you’ll get your life back. You’ve given me a lot to think about, Billy concedes – but, as she leaves, can’t help but wish Chloe aimed a little higher when she shot Adam.

Nick muses that just a few months ago, Chelsea had a whole other family. He’s sorry she lost Calvin but is grateful to have Chelsea back in his life. She knows what she’d like to happen next ~kiss~

Adam’s brought the final contract for Abby’s purchase of The Grand Phoenix – congratulations. He wanted to conclude the transaction with a personal touch; knowing Abby’s in a hurry to be the new owner and that this will sever his last tie with Nick/Dark Horse. There’s no hidden clauses, Adam assures – it’s a done deal – just like when he sold Nate the penthouse. Abby can’t help but be cautious after his threats against the family. Adam considers Abby an exception – unlike the others, she hasn’t done anything to screw with him since his return. He won’t mess with her unless that changes. Consider this a truce and a warning, Adam leaves Abby looking conflicted.

Sleeping on Vikki’s couch, Billy hears Delia’s voice – poor Daddy; then giggling. A girls’ legs run down the stairs. I need you Daddy – where are you? Help me, Daddy. You have to stop Adam or I’ll never be free. Seeing Adam in his dreams, Billy awakens with a start and heads straight for the gum – then the handkerchief.

Elena and Devon are snuggling on the couch when the doorbell rings. Devon Hamilton? Signing for an envelope, Devon tips the delivery boy then scowls at the letter he’s read and asks himself -what the hell is this?

Devon tells Elena that the letter is from lawyers wanting to meet with him in mid-September regarding discrepancies that have come to light in Katherine’s will. With his grandmother dying 6 years ago, Devon has no idea what this is about (but looks quite mystified and worried)

Nick and Chelsea’s lips get reacquainted as clothes come off in the living room. And now the bedroom.

Everyone else is upstairs, Chloe tells Billy as she lets him in and wonders what he’s doing there. You were right with your advice, Billy now knows how to handle his issues with Adam. What does that mean? Goodnight, Chloe – Billy leaves her looking worried.

At home, Adam gets a text from an unknown number. I have something that belongs to you. Meet me at the curve in the road on route 7. You know where I mean. Who is this? Adam sends a reply but looks unsettled when he doesn’t get one back.