Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

A bare-chested Kyle drinks lemonade and boasts about using his ‘big guns’ to install a new AC unit. 10,000 BTU’s, he kisses Lola’s neck and gives her the remote control to turn it (and him) on. The lovebirds are kissing their way to the bedroom when the power goes out. I’ve got this! Kyle comes out, flashlight in hand – and stubs his toe.

Coming through the estate’s front door, Kevin’s shocked when Adam follows him in to accuse him of messing with his head. Huh? What revenge? I didn’t ‘come for you’, Kevin doesn’t even know what the hell Adam’s talking about.

At CL’s, Billy tells Vikki that he needs to go out of town for a bit – tonight. Where are you going? she asks the obvious question.

Billy’s needed to help with rebranding Jabot due to the merger. He goes where Jack sends him. Kyle can’t go; he just got married. Why not Jack? Vikki points out that Billy isn’t even on board with the merger. He doesn’t fully trust Ashley but has to give her a chance (for the sake of the company) With Adam waging war against the Newmans, Vikki needs Billy home.

Kevin’s claims she’s here because Ester needed help. Adam’s not buying it – why fly you halfway across the country when there’s people here she can lean on. Ester? he calls out. She’s not here. Adam then shoves his phone in Kevin’s face – accusing him of sending the text summoning him to route 7. Kevin lists the reasons why he hates Adam but wouldn’t use his dead stepdaughter’s memory or risk his family to mess with him – and neither would Chloe. Leave us alone. Warning Kevin not to cross him, Adam leaves. When Chloe tiptoes out, Kevin needs to hear the words – tell me it wasn’t you.

The ‘conquering hero’ returns. Kyle’s given Lola light – but the fridge has shorted out. No worries – Lola will cook everything in the freezer and invite her family over for Celeste’s bon voyage dinner.

Chloe swears she didn’t send that text to Adam – she’ll keep her promise not to go after him. It was Billy, she’s sure. He’s having dreams of Delia; he’s haunted – falling apart. Chloe’s afraid he’ll do something to hurt Adam. We have to stop him before it’s too late. Kevin’s reluctant to get involved – we have too much to lose.

Back at CL’s, Vikki supports Billy getting more involved in Jabot. If things go as he hopes it’ll change everything. Both agree that a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt. Vikki admits that she needs Billy. I need you too, he says. A quick trip to Cali and I’ll be back before you miss me. With a hug, he reassures Vikki that Adam won’t be waging war while he’s gone.

Kevin worries that Adam will find out that Chloe’s alive and blow things up before Mike can finalize the legalities. He won’t let Chloe go to prison; Bella can’t lose her Mother. Chloe reminds that Billy looked out for Kevin because she asked him to. He’s suffering. Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom for his? Kevin asks. Chloe insists that they help Billy – think of Johnny and Katie. He wished I’d killed Adam and said he found a way to deal with his anger. Maybe he’s going to see another therapist, Kevin hopes. Chloe doesn’t think so. Go make sure Billy’s safe (from Adam) she implores – it’s what Delia would want.