Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Phyllis baulks at looking into Victor’s medical records – she won’t help kill he daughter’s grandfather. Adam just wants to know about Victor’s medications so he can tweak his dose enough to keep him off balance and worsen his side effects. The family will be distracted by rallying around him – then we can have some fun.

Phyllis was paid millions to hack into Dark Horse – what’s her reward for this? Bringing down a giant – and Adam’s gratitude; you never know when you’ll need me in your corner. Phyllis agrees but Adam owes her a favour. Let’s see what secrets Nate has on TGVN, she sits to hack into the tablet.

Nick needs to rejoin Christian; he gets nervous if we’re apart for long. After Vikki leaves with her brother, Abby asks how her Dad’s health is and gets a glowing report. Chuckling, she doesn’t want to talk about Nate so is asked about Jack. Victor mentions their chat and hears that Kyle’s running Jabot.

Kyle doesn’t want the ‘driving force behind JVC’ feeling uncomfortable working for him. How does Lola feel about them working together? Fine, she was impressed that Summer behaved herself at the wedding. Kyle really needs her help – we made a great team, with great ideas. We can be electric again. How? By setting boundaries. Such as? Sticking to work instead of discussing our personal lives. This could be great for our careers – whaddaya say? Kyle cajoles.

Brainstorming, Summer suggests having Jabot’s jewellery designers create a piece for TGP opening. As Kyle adds his ideas, she gets a text from Theo – are we meeting tonight to discuss the opening? Summer replies that she’s swamped and will ‘shoot for tomorrow’ and beams at Kyle – we won’t steal Abby’s thunder; we’re bringing our own.

Vikki returns briefly to the ranch with Nick and Christian (who are left to chat with Victor and Nikki when Abby leaves too – she’ll see everyone at the opening) All are happy that she partnered with Chelsea over that red-headed hellion.

Having covered her tracks, Phyllis forwards Adam a copy of Dr Hastings files. Mission accomplished, she hands the tablet back to a delighted Adam.

Her job done, Phyllis hands Adam a flashdrive containing all Victor’s medical files. She’ll let him know how to repay her as soon as she thinks of something.

Abby joins Nate at Society to complain that she has a headache from trying to figure out what Adam’s up to. Nate knows she has a lot to deal with – including him. Heading back to GCM, Nate notices that his tablet’s missing and immediately suspects Adam.

As Christian naps on his grandfather, Nick and Victor are glad he’s where he belongs. It means a lot that you stood beside me, Nick’s grateful.

Kyle’s OK with Natalie and Margot are taking over Jabot’s social media during the opening – as long as Summer vetts them fully. He can’t have anything go wrong on his big night. I’ve got your back, Summer reassures then gets to work. Kyle’s left to enjoy his new chair.

Still at home, Traci gets a call from Jack. Apologizing for not giving her any notice, he’s enjoying the change of scenery but won’t say where he is. I’ll take care of myself – he too hopes he finds what he’s looking for. Hanging up, Jack’s hand rests on a brochure for the Pine Forest Inn and Spa (in Colorado, I think)