Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Billy doesn’t look well when he awakens to find Chloe at his bedside. What’s going on? Why are we in the Chancellor boathouse? Chloe explains that he needed a safe place to recuperate. She didn’t ‘do’ anything to him – this is about what YOU tried to do. You don’t remember the accident, she quickly realizes.

Adam’s on his phone arranging to meet someone – sometimes, the best way to be discreet is out in the open. Hanging up, he answers the door. I think you have something of mine, Nate scowls.

In Jabot’s CEO office, Kyle and Summer both end calls that result in adding two more A-listers to TGP opening. Both appreciate working together – just like old times. Kyle wishes Theo wasn’t part of it. That’s a violation of our agreement, Summer chastises. The call-list now complete, they brainstorm more people to add. Summer shoots down Kyle’s ideas and suggests he needs a change of venue to inspire new ones.

At Society, Lola praises the best boss she ever had. She and Kyle will both be working long hours – but Lola’s thrilled for him even if they have to postpone moving. Abby wonders why they want to move – I thought you loved that apartment. Unseen, Theo listens intently.

A confused Billy doesn’t remember driving on route 7 – I never go down that road. Kevin and I saw you, Chloe explains why they couldn’t take him to the hospital. Billy remembers Kevin jamming a needle in his neck – are we in hiding? Yeah. Why? he asks. Because I stopped you from killing Adam.

Understanding why Lola would find it weird renting from Sharon after she and Rey broke up, Abby decides to invite him to TGP opening. She also understands why the newlyweds don’t want to live in Kyle’s Dad’s house. Cheers to a lifelong honeymoon, she toasts with a smile. When Kyle arrives with Summer, Lola refuses to be jealous and walks over to greet them both. She’ll whip up some food and leave them to it. Still spying, Theo sends Zoe a text – meet me at Society.

Feigning innocence, Adam denies he swiped Nate’s hospital-issued tablet to hack into Victor’s medical records. Perhaps you left the tablet on your desk. Sure, come in to look, he invites. Nate wanders around for a second before threatening to call the cops. They’ll laugh at you – Adam scoffs – then is ordered to leave Nate and Abby out of whatever he’s up to.

Chloe suspects Billy lured Adam to the spot where he hit Delia, intending to do the same thing to him. She tries to prod his memory – do you remember coming to see me at the Chancellor house? Billy does not. You weren’t yourself, Chloe continues – it was you but it wasn’t you. She knows how grief can become an obsession – she, herself, risked everything. Determined to save Billy from himself, she won’t let Adam take any more from us. No offence, but we aren’t alike – Billy denies he’d try to kill Adam. I may be the only one who can help you – Chloe vows that she won’t leave Billy in the dark place she pulled herself from.

Thanking Monique as he closes the door, Adam’s excited to be spending the day with Connor (who thanks him for his awesome new baseball glove with a hug) Both happy, Father and son head out to the park.

Meeting Kevin on the CL’s patio, Chloe updates that Billy doesn’t remember going after Adam (or coming to the Chancellor estate) His brain is glitching or some other part of Billy is taking over. Neither she nor Kevin thought Billy was so messed up. Yes, Chloe’s sure he’s telling the truth and agrees that Billy needs serious help – she also believes that she’s the one to give it to him.

Back at Society, Theo continues to eavesdrop as Summer and Kyle plan Jabot’s role in TGP opening; perhaps Abby can seat ‘the influencers’ in a VIP section. He then saunters over to say Hi. Yes, Theo got Summer’s text and just happened to be here. I’ll leave you to it, he jokingly warns Summer not to let Kyle take credit for her ideas with the boss. Lola appears with food to announce that Kyle IS the boss. Theo’s surprised Kyle didn’t post that online and after Lola leaves, expresses surprise that she’s cool with him and Summer working together. When Kyle stands to gripe about him bringing Zoe to his wedding, Theo sees her arrive – speak of the devil, he grins.