Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Jack walks into Society to peer over Victor’s shoulder as he reads about Chloe online – shocking, isn’t it? It’s been one of those days, they agree. How about a drink? Jack invites – I’m buying.

Both coming downstairs, Nikki’s pleased to see Nick tucking Christian into bed – home where he belongs. At the mention of Connor and Chelsea, she has something to discuss, now that she and Nick are alone.

Arriving at CL’s, Sharon bumps into Adam – who doesn’t want to talk about how he’s feeling about Chloe. You don’t get to use your concerned voice, he sneers. Sharon insists Adam hear what she has to say.

Elena’s home after an exhausting day. Holding a framed photo of Katherine, Devon updates what little he knows about the letter he received. It was sent by an Amanda Sinclair, who’s not returning any calls. He has no idea what the discrepancies are in Kay’s will and is emotional due to the memories being stirred up.

Over drinks, Jack knows Victor must have some feelings about Chloe being alive and expresses hope that she makes good use of the second chance Mike gave her. One can only hope, Victor looks pessimistic.

Done her shift, Lola’s on her way out of Society when Zoe stops her to gush about the wedding and take a selfie to post online.

Phyllis is surprised to see Jack and Victor having a drink together. Hell must have frozen over; she’d rather stick 1,000 needles in her eye than join them (though neither invited her to do so) Warning Jack to keep an eye on the silverware, in case Victor sticks a knife in his back, Phyllis sashays further into the restaurant.

Have a good night, Lola says politely as she leaves Zoe to join a surprised Phyllis. She doesn’t wait to be invited to sit down – we’re alike and should work together towards our common goal. Phyllis’ expression says ‘we are not alike’.

Devon describes his sweet but feisty grandmother to Elena – she always said she’d live until she died. He wished he could have talked to her one last time. We were close at the end – but Devon wished he’d treated her better in the beginning.

Nikki wants to discuss Chloe. It wouldn’t be a week in GC without someone returning from the dead, Nick quips. Yes, he and Chelsea felt responsible for Chloe’s suicide but he holds no grudges and wishes Chloe and Bella well. It’ll be harder for Chelsea to forgive her former friend. Yes, he and Chelsea are more than friends now. And yes, he’s ready for that, 100%.

Back at Society, Jack’s heard great things about Vikki’s work – does Victor worry she might surpass his success? Victor thinks it’s Jack who should be worried (about him and Ashley merging companies) Jack then broaches the subject of Adam – perhaps now that he’s dropped the custody suit, you can reconnect. Victor admits that he failed Adam – but the damage done can’t be undone.