Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Vikki’s at the ranch to tell her parents what she believes to be true – Billy’s not on a business trip, he’s checked himself into rehab. He wanted to get help before falling off the gambling wagon. He must feel so ashamed. From experience, Nikki’s optimistic a therapist will find out what’s troubling Billy. Vikki already knows – Adam.

Joining Nate at his table at Society, Adam puts a folded newspaper over his tablet and engages him in small talk; thanking him for saving his life when he got shot. And how’s Victor? he segues casually. There it is, Nate guesses – the real reason you’re chatting me up.

At CL’s, Summer suspects her Mom wants her to bail on The Grand Phoenix opening. Phyllis is disappointed that Abby and Chelsea forced her out of her own project but wouldn’t ask her daughter to cause a scene or boycott the opening online or anything. She wouldn’t want the evening to be a flop. Knowing it’s not like her Mom to give up so easily, Summer asks what’s really going on.

Startled by Kyle at the Abbott mansion, Traci’s only briefly surprised to hear that Jack took a leave of absence to find purpose in his life. He’s been unhappy lately, she advised her brother to find a new mountain to climb. Who’s in charge at Jabot? Traci’s further surprised to hear that Kyle is.

Traci thinks it fantastic that Jack left Jabot in such capable hands (and has a chuckle about the last time he was CEO) Not my finest hour, Kyle remembers – trying to take jabot public while my Dad was in jail. Things will be a lot different this time; he’s different. As for Lola, she understands what it’s like to have a demanding job. Both are optimistic Kyle will make Jack proud.

Phyllis doesn’t need to plot against Abby and Chelsea – they’ll screw up TGP all on their own. People go to Society for Lola’s great cuisine, not to rub shoulders with the has-been Naked Heiress. And Chelsea’s a grifter who’s only experience with hotels is sleeping in them on someone else’s dime. Nick’s naive – and Phyllis would like to help Summer move out. Kyle then sends a text – Summer’s to meet him at the office. We need to talk. Don’t get into any trouble, she jokes before leaving.

Claiming to be the child most like Victor, Adam understands his Father – we fight but forgiven each other. Our Father/son relationship is frayed but Adam still worries about the old guy’s health. Reminded of his recent threats against Victor, Adam admits he gets passionate about family matters. Nate will only say that Victor’s doing well. And as soon as he’s distracted by a phone call, Adam leaves with his newspaper – and Nate’s tablet.

**No time for spellcheck… **

Nikki and Victor are stunned to hear that both Billy and Adam knew that Chloe was alive. Adam pretended to be devastated about Delia while threatening her Mother with arrest if Kevin didn’t do his bidding. Billy must have been enraged! Nikki huffs and puffs. He’s keeping it bottled up to the point of nightmares – Vikki called the facility but they can’t confirm Billy’s there. Perhaps Adam has him. Victor thinks it more likely that Chloe knows something. She shot Adam, he’s sure. Vikki confirms it – Billy knew and protected her; the burden’s killing him.

Adam thanks Phyllis for coming over so quickly. He’s decided to do more than ‘brood’ about his family; today, he’s taking action. Chloe wasn’t the one to try run him over – she’s no threat to me. Yes, she’s the one who shot him. Phyllis easily puts the pieces together involving Kevin and Mike. Adam now believes she was right – it was Victor behind the wheel. He now needs Phyllis’ help. I have Victor’s life right here in my hands (he holds out Nate’s tablet)

On the phone with Ashley, Kyle thanks his Aunt for her support. Waving Summer in, he wraps up the call with reassurances that he’ll call if he needs anything. Swearing Summer to secrecy, Kyle explains that he’s acting CEO because Jack’s having a mid-life crisis and Billy checked himself into rehab. You’re serious? she’s stunned. How do you feel about me being your boss? Kyle wants to know.

Abby drops by the ranch followed by Nick (Christian’s at the stables with Buck) I’m not on Adam’s hit list – he’s plotting something, Abby warns. Dad thinks he shot Adam, Vikki updates. He’s plotting something, Victor agrees.