Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Hi guys – Zoe comes over to wonder why everyone looks so serious. Talking about the big hotel opening? Yes – and Theo thinks she could provide a fresh perspective. Kyle doesn’t think they have time for that. After Summer takes Theo aside, Zoe and Kyle agree to put the past behind them. Asked why Theo brought her to the wedding, Zoe thinks it was to put Kyle’s mind at ease that everything’s OK. He’s trying to mess with me, Kyle doesn’t see it as a ‘prank’. Theo wouldn’t hurt you, Zoe’s sure – and she only wants the best for him. Kyle wants that for her too – how long did Theo ask you to stay in town? Who knows? Zoe wants a career like Summer’s and doesn’t see anything wrong with working with Theo (who Kyle warns her to be leery of)

At the bar, Summer denies blowing Theo off – and that Kyle’s playing her to get her to work extra hours. ‘That’s where his priorities are’ (he points to Kyle kissing Lola) If Summer doesn’t hold a grudge, she wonders why Theo is so determined to continue his feud with Kyle. Is Zoe being here just a coincidence? When Kyle announces that he’s heading back to the office, Summer decides to stay – to prove to Theo that she’s not at his beck and call – and find out why he has it in for Kyle.

Playing catch in the park, Connor asks Adam to coach his ball team. When he spots some other kids from Walnut Grove, he’s sent off to join them so Adam can speak to a woman he’s hired to review Victor’s medical records. Yes, she was able to get what he requested.

Back at the office, Kyle ends a call as Lola arrives with the leftovers he left behind because he was in a hurry to get away from Theo (who’s acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend) Let him stay in the past, Lola suggests.

Still at Society, Summer asks Theo to accept that Kyle’s moved on. When Zoe appears with a ‘work question’, Theo invites her to stay as he claims that he’s happy for Kyle – we just enjoy keeping each other on our toes – keeps us both sharp. So, all this ‘needling’ is you being a good friend? Summer’s suspicious. And when Zoe decides to come back in a bit, she calls Theo out on the ‘show’ his ‘protege’ might be buying – but she is NOT.

The woman has brought Adam medication that looks and is labelled the same as what Victor’s prescribed – but the increased dose will increase the side effects she lists. Understanding, Adam hands her an envelope in exchange for the bag of medication.

We can’t turn our backs on Billy now, Chloe implores. Kevin loves her big heart but must put his food down – you can’t do this, he’s equally determined.

Seated with Abby at Society, Nate relays looking Adam in the eye as he accused him of stealing his tablet. He was taunting me. What’s he going to find on the tablet? Abby asks. Everything about Victor’s diagnosis and treatment. She, better than anyone, understands the frustration of Victor being so guarded about his health and has to believe that Adam loves his Father. Of course, one has to be prepared for anything when it comes to him.

Chloe knows Billy will need professional help but in the meantime refuses to leave him to a darkness only she can understand. Kevin’s beginning to realize that he can’t talk Chloe out of this.

Back at the penthouse, Connor doesn’t want to end his visit – can we watch a movie? Adam’s tired so must ‘call it a day’. Are you sick like grandpa? a worried Connor asks. Why would you think your grandpa’s sick? Adam wonders.

Lola sits in Kyle’s lap – let’s go home and celebrate your new job as CEO ~kiss~

Summer knows Theo’s only keeping Zoe around because she’s a threat to Kyle. He’s not being honest with his new wife about what happened in New York – and Theo will use that AND make some money. It’s none of our business, Summer claims. Theo believes that the secrets they know that Lola doesn’t puts power in their hands. Seconds later they’re having sex.

As much as Chloe wants to help Billy, she won’t without Kevin’s blessing. She assumes Adam knows Billy was driving the car or they’d have heard from him by now. ‘Maybe’, Kevin’s not convinced – or maybe that’s what he wants us to believe.

Connor heard his Mom and Nick talking about his grandpa – is he going to be OK? Yes, your grandpa’s invincible, Adam reassures his son.