Thursday, September 5th, 2019

At home, Adam eyeballs three pill bottles containing fake medication for Victor – Perfect.

Society is closed for a private event – a party to kick off the opening party. Nate, Abby, Chelsea, Kyle and Lola are clinking glasses when Thoe arrives with Summer. Reassures the nervous owners of TGP that he’s done his job well, Theo’s sure everyone will soon be talking about their hotel. Don’t let him get to you, Lola gives Kyle a kiss that nauseates Summer – who asks Chelsea when her Dad will be arriving. As all enjoy Abby’s new drink; the Grand Sangria, Zoe sends Theo a text – she’s on her way.

Doing some research online, Devon reads a brief bio on Amanda Sinclair. Hmm – no photo – who is she and what’s going on?

Victor gives Adam a frosty welcome. Hearing his son is at the ranch for a good reason, Victor orders him to get it over with and get out.

When Mariah makes a loud entrance with Mariah, Summer quietly quips to an amused Theo – did you two rehearse your entrances? He then excuses himself to go to the men’s room. Zoe arrives to insist to Chloe that she IS on the guest list; she’s part of Theo’s social media squad. In the background, Kyle frowns as he sees them go talk to Abby.

Adam claims that he only lashed out at the family because he was angry at Nick. Can you blame Nick? Victor’s not buying Adam’s excuses – if you’re looking for forgiveness, it ain’t gonna happen. He also doesn’t believe that Adam wants a truce.

Nick’s at the penthouse to discuss the affordable-housing project with Devon when Jill drops by to ask if she’s interrupting. Asking Nick to stay to weigh in, Devon explains that someone’s challenging Kay’s will (which alarms Jill)

** No time for spellcheck. It’s already the next day – so this isn’t even really a day ahead recap **

Tessa and Mariah are so wrapped up in each other that they don’t even notice Zoe taking a photo then looking uncomfortable when they walk away. Chelsea and Abby thank Lola for being so sweet by helping the chef at TGP. When Kyle’s also thanked, he thinks Summer deserves credit too. Summer’s talking to Theo when Zoe takes a seat – let’s be the first influencer’s to post a selfie hyping the opening. You’re not really an influencer, Summer mutters then sends the ‘super annoying’ Zoe off to have the bartender make her a virgin margarita. Cut her some slack – she wants to be like you, Theo says (as Zoe listens)

Having given Adam more chances than he can shake his fist at, Victor doesn’t believe he’s sincere. I gave you ‘time’ – you spit on my offer to be CEO of NE. You rejected me – I AM Newman Enterprises! Victor reminds that Adam accused him of trying to kill him. We’re still family, life is too short, Adam thinks this has gone on too long. Victor sees no reason to trust Adam – who implores his Father to meet him halfway.