Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Neither Nick or Jill are sure what to make of the lawyer’s letters. Devon lists the beneficiaries. Has Jill talked to Chance? Yes, as a matter of fact, she has.

Hey guys! Zoe sits with Kyle and Lola to babble excitedly about all the likes her feed has got. She’s again left to look disappointed when Kyle and Lola escape to the kitchen. And her virgin margarita doesn’t taste good. Miffed when she hears Summer mocking her as she and Theo talk to the crowd. Tessa and Mariah don’t quite see eye to eye on Theo – keep him away from the cutlery, they warn Abby.

Adam was hoping his Father would be a bigger man than he is – meet me halfway. What would that look like? Victor’s annoyed that Adam doesn’t have a plan. When Victor excuses himself to take a call, Adam stands at the bar to make himself a drink – and pull out a pill bottle. What are you doing? Nikki surprises him.

Why are you here? Nikki’s even more sceptical of Adam than Victor. When Adam offers to make his Dad a drink, Victor snaps that he can’t because he’s on medication. When the cook comes out, she’s asked to kindly show Adam to the door. Goodbye Dad, Adam says as he exits.

Rey found out that Chance and Adam were hanging out in Vegas, Nick explains that he then reached out to Jill. She did and received an email just a few days ago. Chance is involved in something that could be lucrative. Jill finds it weird that he’s being so cryptic and secretive. Nick would also like to know what he’s up to.

Summer tells Chelsea that things will be fine between them as long as her Dad’s happy. As she and Theo bump into Kyle and Lola, Abby takes to the stage to badger Tessa into singing. She then pulls Chelsea and Lola up with her. All enjoy the performance, except Zoe.

Nick arrives to say hi to Summer – then asks Chelsea about being a closet rock star. Not to be outdone, Kyle gives Lola a twirl – you sing as good as you cook. After she takes her tipsy husband off for a drink of water, Nate praises Abby – the party is a hit; tomorrow will be incredible ~kiss~ Theo agrees with Mariah that Tessa and her new back up singers can do well at karaoke. Summer thinks Theo’s friendship with Mariah ‘weird’ – she then makes it clear to a ‘clingy’ Zoe that she’s not interested in a friendship. You are being pushy – take it down a notch, Theo agrees – takes Summer off for a drink. Zoe, once again, marches off.

With Jill, Devon wishes he knew what to expect when he meets this attorney next week.

Abby and Chelsea take to the stage to say a few words to the audience. Here’s to the future – here’s to The Grand Phoenix.

Victor tells Nikki about the good little boy Adam was. I don’t know where that boy has gone. Time will tell if he’s sincere. On the meantime, we must be onguard, Nikki reminds that stress isn’t good for Victor – it’s time for your medication. Victor fetches his pills from his jacket pocket and takes one. With a kiss, he thanks Nikki for helping him treat this condition more than this medication. At home, Adam drinks and looks evil. Seems, he’s accomplished his mission.