Friday, September 6th, 2019

On the Crimson lights patio, Nikki fusses over Victor and suggests they go home and rest before Abby’s big night. Admitting he feels a bit ‘off’, Victor chalks it up to Adam’s visit. What else could it be?

Inside Crimson lights, Adam updates Phyllis that he swapped Victor’s medication for medication that is twice as strong. No, he doesn’t feel he’s going ‘overboard’.

At home, Kyle’s concern about his missing tie is easily erased when Lola, in a red satin robe, kisses him.

Home late, Elena apologizes to Devon. Nate takes the blame – he let her sit in on a surgery he performed.

Sharon’s at Nicks to gush about Faith going off to boarding school. As for Abby’s big night, Nick reminds that it’s Chelsea’s big night too. I’m happy for her, Sharon lies. But she is happy Nick’s getting a new start and now it’s her turn.

Dressed to impress, Chelsea and Abby wander around The Grand Phoenix Lounge. It’s a dream come true, they hug.

Kyle’s mildly frustrated when Rey’s visit interrupts his shenanigans with Lola – who really hopes her brother meets someone tonight.

Mariah and Tessa are at the park when Theo happens by with two casually dressed influencers. Is that what they’re wearing to this evening’s event? Mariah jots down the name ‘Alex’ – tell her I sent you (to Fenmore’s) – get some cocktail dresses – Power Communications will pick up the tab. After the excited ladies go shopping, Theo surprises Mariah (and Tessa) with a hug. Still don’t trust him? No – now I trust him even less, Mariah replies.

After breaking in the pool table, Abby and Chelsea look forward to their guests arriving. We’re business partners – a real team! Chelsea’s grateful and Abby’s pleased to have her running the show. And if things don’t work out, Phyllis will be only too happy to fill in, she jokes.

Phyllis looks forward to making Abby and Chelsea uncomfortable by attending TGP opening. Adam does love showing up where he’s not wanted.

Victor? Victor? Nikki’s alarmed. I can’t … I can’t, Victor struggles to speak – get me some water. Adam watches as Nikki rushes inside to fetch water. Hey, what’s going on? he follows her back to the patio. Go away, Victor manages to croak.

‘Thanks for the beer guys’ and now Nate needs to go get ready to meet Abby (who’s the only one who can hold a candle to Elena, he says diplomatically) If you like me in these scrubs, wait til you see what I’m wearing tonight, Elena teases Devon as she runs upstairs.

Arriving with Summer on his arm, Theo notes that Zoe got there early. I had lots to do before the party starts, she claims without elaborating. Abby admits she’s excited. Everything’s in place to make this an unforgettable night, Theo then leads Zoe and Summer off to check out the party space.

Back on the patio, Nikki’s ordering the car around then calling Nate. This is all your fault, she snarls at Adam – just go – don’t make things worse. Sorry you’re not feeling well, Adam says quietly before heading back inside. That was fast, Phyllis remarks. Eyes still on the patio, Adam looks like he’s genuinely concerned.